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    Pompeii hotels

    Book your room in Pompeii or Sorrento surrounded by a sea smell and singing seagulls. Accommodation on Amalfi coast is an ideal place for a romantic or relaxing stay, a step away from the beach and few minutes away from Sorrento main square. If you choose Hotels in Pompeii - they are ideally for visitors of Pompeii ruins.

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    Pompeii with Vesuvio volcano in backgroundMild climate of Pompeii

    Italy is at its best in spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November). During these seasons, the scenery is beautiful, the temperatures are pleasant and there are relatively few crowds. Try to avoid August, as this is the time that most Italians take their vacations, and many shops and businesses are closed as a result.

    The mild climate the fine weather all year round make the Sorrento Peninsular an ideal destination in any season, with its flower filled piazzas, elegant shops, and cafes. Sorrento surrounded by oranges and lemons, is a pretty resort and a pleasant place to stroll, browse, or shop for the local inlaid woodwork. If you have decided to visit Pompeii, Amalfi, or Heraculaneum then Sorrento is a great starting point with many choices of accommodation possibilities.

    Beaches from Sorrento to Pompeii

    Ancient town of Pompeii

    Pompeii is an ancient town near Naples in south of Italy, this town was totally destroyed by a Volcano from the nearby mountain Vesuvius, the remains of this town are now excavated and preserved as an archaeological site.


    Its worth a visit to this ancient town and its beauty and planning is still visible through the rubble filled streets and broken houses and temples that surround it. Take this 79 ad italy map of Pompeii. On the map of ancient Pompeii you can see streets and buildings which today is actually the walkway through ancient Pompeii


    Pompeii and Vesuvio volcanoWhen to visit Pompeii


    If you are serious about visiting of the sites like Pompeii, Amalfi,, Heraculaneum.. then the cooler Spring will make this a far more comfortable experience. Accommodation with a pool may be a consideration for some. Sorrento itself has limited beach areas and they can get very busy in July and August. Fortunately to get to Pompeii, Herculaneum and, if you wish, Naples you can use the excellent Circumvesuviana train service. The traffic in this direction from Sorrento can be chaotic and makes driving slow. Likewise the ferries, hydrofoils and "Metro Del Mare" operate services from the beginning or end of April until the beginning or end of October.