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Castellammare near Palermo - Sicily

Explore Sicily in a week


If you are spending a week on the Sicily island you can explore some of Sicily's highlights. Here is an idea to take a one week trip to Sicily.



Start your vacation with two days stay in Palermo, Monreale and Cefalu. Palermo is an excellent base for exploring some of the most interesting area of west Sicily like Riserva dello Zingaro or Scopello.



San Vito LoCapo - SicilyAncient Segesta and Erice


Another idea for a one week visit of Sicily is trip to Erice and Ancient Segesta. Erice is small historic town which is positioned on the top of hill more than 700 metres above the sea with splendid view to almost all west coast of Sicily. Ancient Segesta is an excelent place for visitors who enjoy in visiting of ancient ruins and museums. Take a time to visit Ancient Segesta.

Eraclea Minoa beaches


A day in Agrigento and Valle dei Templi

You should combine a trip to Ancient Valle dei Templi in Agrigento with a sunbathing on coast next to the Eraclea Minoa. Valle dei Templi is a huge ancient site with temples and ruins which streches out along the ridge, inappropriately called "valley". It is one of must to see places in Sicily. The beaches of Eraclea Minoa is about 30 km faraway from Agrigento, near Capo Bianco hill. Territory around Heraclea Minoa is also an interesting archaeological park with beautiful long sandy beaches.

Siracusa Sicily


East side of Sicily - Siracusa


You should combine a trip to the town of Siracusa with a visit of excelent Villa Imperiale del Casale near Piazza Armerina. The old part of Siracusa is positioned on small island named Ortigia which is bridged to the new part of the town. Villa Imperiale del Casale is about 50 km away from Agrigento. The place is famous by villa and its floors which consist almost entirely of mosaics which are in excellent condition.



Ancient Theatre in Taormina with wiev to the seaTaormina and mt. Etna volcano


You have to visit another "must see place" - mt Etna Volcano and splendid town of Taormina.



At the end of one week travel in Sicily you should maybe spend some time to relax on the beaches on the foothill of mt. Etna.