Weather in Taormina - Sicily


Sicili's climate

Morphological descriptions of the Sicilian territory show a prevalance of hilly regions over mountainous or flat regions. In a category by itself is Mt Etna at 3340 metres the highest peak in the island. The so called Sicilian Appenines are an extension of the Calabrian Appenines and can be divided from east to west into the ranges of the Peloritani, Nebrodi-Caroni and Madonie.

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The characteristics of the Sicilian climate are markedly Mediterranean along the coast, with mild winters and hot summers, while as we go further inland the factors determining a microclimate of basically continental type become accentuated, so that the winters are colder and the summers more temperate but with pronounced peaks of heat. Weather in Taormina between Autumn and the beginning of spring is pretty rainy while serene sky is one of the outstanding features of the Sicilian climate, which can boast of a very high number of sun-houres during the year.

Weather temperature in Sicily

Weather in Taormina

Geographical position of Taormina offers warm and stabile weather to visitors almost all year long. During the winter temperatures vary from 10-15 ° C at nights and during the day they even can reach more than 20° C.

From November until March heavy rain is not unusual for this season. Holiday in summer months (especially July-August) can be extremely hot - temperatures up to 35° Celsius.