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Acireale and Aci Trezza - Holidays in Sicily

This ancient town of Aci Reale is positioned at the foot of Mount Etna on the coast of Sicily. Acireale is known by wonderful baroque architecture, whilst sights include the Zelantea art gallery, the baroque church of San Sebastiano and the neo-gothic St Peter’s Basilica. The countryside surrounding Acireale is dramatic, with many volcanic landscapes surrounding the slopes of Mount Etna.

Aci Trezza streets - SicilyWhere is Acireale and how to arrive

Acireale is a beautiful picturesque city in Sicily that lies near the Ionian sea. It is in the region of Catania in the north east of Sicily.

Mount Etna is very close to the town, actually it lies at the foot of this famous vulcano. Acireale is around 10 km away from Catania and there is also beautiful Taormina that is also only short drive away. Acireale is easily accessible with car.

The town is pretty much small, well proportioned and compact. City of Acireale has a feeling of quiet and calm environment. It offers great day hikes and trips out to Mount Etna or Taormina. Streets in Acireale are bussy and narrow, city has renovated Roman thermas. There are also a lot of legends and myths connected with Acireale.

Aci Trezza - SicilyStroling through the Acireale town

Acireale town lies at the bottom of Mount Etna and is surrounded with citrus groves. Acireale was a very important spa place in Roman and Greek times. Visitors can visit remains of the baths and the whole spa area in Santa Venera al Pozzo. There is a famous church from the 17th century, Chruch of San Sebastiano, and it is known as a symbol of Acireale's rebirth.

Town is probably known as the city of many churches. We cant forget to mention a famous carnivals that are held in Sicily. Acireale is a typical carnival town that attracts many tourists and visitors that want to see the spectacular processons with allegorical themes.

The area has very special ecosystem with Ionian sea and Mount Etna, the whole area is protected by the Timpa Nature Reserve. Close to Aci Reale and Aci Castello you can find famous dark and small islands named Islands of the Cyclops. The islands are actually the result of volcano activity. Walking through the town's promenade of Aci Trezza you can enjoy sunset and view to the small islands.

Acireale Sicily - duomoBeaches of Acireale

Around Acireale people can find mostly rocky coastline and rocky beaches. But those places are great for fishing mostly seabass and squids. You can find nice beaches in direction of Giardini Naxos and Taormina resorts. Both of the towns are easyly accessable bay car. For those who likes to explore nature and landscape there is the town of Syracuse. It is only an hour away and there are great beaches for relaxation, sunbathing and swimming. One of the most famous beaches are Recanati and Giardini. Very beautiful are also Lido Cocole at Acireale and Lido Porofino, and award winning beach Bandiera Blue that is in Marina di Cottone.

Almost all of the beaches has nice, smaler or larger restaurants, bars and gelaterias. Very popular beaches are in Giardini Naxos beach and Isola Bella. Both of beaches are in high sesaon pretty crowded. For people who like more local beaches there is a 2 km long Fiumefreddo beach and Fondachello. Further away are also nice and a quiet places like Mazzeo and Letojanni.