The coast of Cyclops - Aci Trezza Sicily

Aci Trezza - Cyclops coast Sicily


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Aci Trezza - the coast of Cyclops Sicily

Visit Aci Trezza town and coast of Cyclops

Acitrezza is a smaller fishing village that has around 5.000 inhabitants. The village is surrounded by masses of black lava rising from the crystal waters and by the rocks of the Cyclops. Writer Giovanni Verga wrote about Acitrezza in a novel I Malavogila. Village is known for its maritime activity. In general the place is very popular place for tourists in summer months. San Giovanni festa is celebrated in month of june.

The island of Cyclops (Ciclopi islands) can be found north of Catania along the Ionian sea. They are easily reachable by the boat from the port of Acitrezza. The islands of Ciclopi are full of myths and legends. Relating to some suppositions the Cyclops legend might appear because of few fossil findings of small elephants living in Sicily throughout the Paleolithic era. Their unusual big nasal cavity, right in the midlle of their skull, could have made suppose in giants with one eye only. There are lot of things to do here - like snorkelling, underwater fishing and diving. If you dont catch anything in the water you can still try delitious fish dishes in their local restaurants.