Picture from vacation in Oklahoma City


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Short vacation in Oklahoma city

Oklahoma City at the night


A week in Oklahoma City

We decided to spend a week in Oklahoma City in their beautiful OKC hotel. When we arrived at the airport there was already a shuttle for us, which is included in the whole OKC hotel service. The next morning we went on a small shopping spre around the town. Oklahoma City has several shopping Malls that are pretty big. We visited the Quail Springs Mall, which is the second most known in Oklahoma City. You can find there everything for everyone. We took OKC hotel shuttle which was arranged for transportation of their guests.

Day trip to Oklahoma City Zoo

Day trip to Oklahoma City Zoo

Another great trip in Oklahoma City was an amusing zoo visit. Here we also use OKC hotel shuttle service to take us straight to the zoo. Oklahoma City Zoo has more than 110 acres of land and over 1.700 animals. The staff of zoo was the most proud of their Butterfly Garden with amazing habitat with 15.000 plants and butterflies from all over the world. Another attraction which was very interesting, was theirs Herpetarium of all kinds of amphibians and reptiles such as Beaded Lizards, Giant Green Anaconda and others. Oklahoma City Zoo is a perfect family place where you can have some fun and learn something new.



Stay in Bricktown Hotel OKCStay in OKC Bricktown Hotel

Last few days of our trip we decided to spend in bricktownhotelokc.com/ hotel and enjoy their amusements. OKC hotel was very comfortable where the whole family had their own privacy.The Bricktown Hotel and Convention Center is located in the vicinty of Oklahoma City, arround 2 miles from the OKC Ford Center. We enjoyed their spa area with enjoyable saunas and a beautiful and spacious swimming pool and varieties of different massages. One of the best things was their shuttle service that everyone would enjoy. The food was for our taste one of the best that we ever had, mostly chosen cuisine from all over the world from Mediterranean untill Asian. Oklahoma City is really a great place to take short vacation and do some activites as recreation, shop in one of malls and visits of attraction of the Oklahoma City.