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Using Map Tools To Explore Africa

Riley Denton, a teacher by trade but an adventurer at heart, is looking forward to her trip to Africa, the second most populous continent on the planet. Riley is especially impressed with the fact that Africa is considered the birthplace of the human race. Riley is well prepared for any situation, thanks to her map tools that will guide her as she hikes and explores this vast area.

Riley’s first adventure is a six-day adventure up the 19,340-foot Mount Kilimanjaro, which she’s been training to climb. After readying her pack of map tools and other supplies, Riley joins a guide leading her group up the mountain. To reach the top on schedule, Riley and the others push to hike eight hours a day while carrying packs weighing between 15 and 25 pounds. During the grueling climb, she wishes William Matthews Brooks, a mountain guide she recently read about, could join them. Finally, the group arrives at the peak of the mountain. Thanks to the high summit of the mountain, the highest point in Africa, the climbers are rewarded with a spectacular view. After enjoying the view, Riley and the others slowly make their way back down.

After taking a day to relax and unwind, Riley prepares for her next adventure. She travels to the northeastern coast of Zanzibar and the Indian Ocean to the reefs around Pemba and Zanzibar and prepares to snorkel just offshore. After riding on a friendly fisherman’s boat out to the reef, Riley prepares to spend the day looking for rare reef fish. She feels the cool clear waters of the Indian Ocean are just what she needs after the six-day adventure to the top of Mountain.

The next day, Riley prepares to return home. She has truly enjoyed her trip to Africa and only wishes she could spend more time in this magical land.