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    Istanbul city stroll

    Istanbul city from Bosporus straits Turkey

    Istanbul - a city of fragrances and mosques

    Some would think that the former ancient Greek town of Byzantium and ancient Roman Constantinople trapped in the past, but Istanbul, as it is called now, is not only a magnificent museum but a vibrant and dynamic metropolis with a really rich cultural heritage.

    The city skyline is changing to fast, particularly in the business district of Levent (Turkey since 2009 Economic blooms), which is the envy of all of Europe, and thus becoming the financial center of Istanbul. Who are true istanbulian? There is actually no true istanbulians, they are all from somewhere else of Turky, and every year there is another 300 thousand more istanbulians. Nobody nobody bothers. Probably because of Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. Children and students he still at school every morning at nine swear, saying, "I am an honest Turk, I work hard, defend younger than me and I respect the elderly, I love my country and my people, more than my soul."

    What about the delicious Turkish food

    Turkish cuisine is one of the more varied in the world. Some people say that its cuisine is the third best after the French and Chinese. If you love a good roast meat, then the Turks taking it perhaps really the best. The modern versions of mutton, beef, goat or chicken roast was the idea of a Turkish German Mahmut Aygun, who died three years ago.

    In March 2013, exactly 32 years have passed from the first sold kebab. Popularity of kebab dishes its maximum range, especially at the first alcoholic fermentation in the early morning hours. And although the original was made with thicker cuts of meat served on a plate with rice, is today's kebab served in bread with a salad , yogurt dressing and a pinch of chilli more practical for the turtle and those who in a hurry walk be coordinated snack with .

    On the main shopping street named Istiklal which is reserved for the lack dressed Turkish juveniles, which seems likely born with a gene for a lap dance, this dish - kebab will be just perfect. Along the crowds, waving an angry taxi drivers and the smell of leather, we go to the Galata Bridge from which vantage point justifying every "why travel" in Istanbul.

    The Blue Mosque (Called Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish) is an historical mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque because of blue tiles surrounding the walls No Istanbul itinerary is complete without a stroll across the Bosphorus River on the Galata Bridge. The bridge is lined with fishermen and the mosques make for a picturesque background Turkey An Istanbul shoemaker is selling out of a particular line faster than he can make them - Turkey

    Eight minutes of difference between the European and Asian Istanbul

    Can be a public transport in Istanbul romantic? Moored ship in Bosphorus, 30 kilometers long strait and at the same time one of the busiest waterways in the world can certainly be a romantic place. Especially if you watch the hustle bustle in the company of fishermen who patiently each to other rest on the bridge. Waiting for their catches grimly monitor every step of possible competitors. And there is the view of the sultan's heritage, which is on the right side successfully combined lean residential blocks. On the left hand from the mist above the city reflect the minarets of Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. It's nice on the Bosphorus, which for eight minutes of driving with ferry separates the Asian part from the Europe.

    Crossing of Bosphorus is for residents of Istanbul the ceremony and a special moment while drinking tea, simit (bread with sesame or poppy seeds) and melted cheese. Indispensable moment, say those who live in Asia and enjoy the social and cultural life of Europe. They who believe that time is money would be ferry ride immediately replaced by subway 55 meters below the Bosphorus. All inhabitatnts of Istanbul are looking forward to use the new railway under the Bosphorus but the thought of a faster way to work already put on the back burner. Each shovel of soil is discovering a new layer, a new discovery and deeper dig, farther into the past, the scientists and archaeologists returning, even in the Neolithic.

    The Holy Sophia, the Grand Bazaar and Tea

    In 1453 the city became part of the Ottoman Empire, and once the largest church of the Christian world,which was built in the 6th century, it was transformed into a mosque. Sofia was not the only victim of that domination, but also the taste of the people who have lived in the area where they are ruled by the Ottomans. In his houses they attract the best cooks of the time and the pastries out of their handshas been and still is almost too sweet for our taste. The sweet "Turkish Delight" was formed 200 years ago and containing almonds, dates, honey, roses, jasmine and gum arabic, and now are available new and less expensive version.

    Sweets can get anywhere and everywhere, contrary with a cup of Turkish coffee, which is nothing more Turkish, as the homeland of coffee is Ethiopia - rushing to to tell restaurant owners. If a visitor wants to enjoy the ritual drinking of hot drinks, it is smarter to in lstambuł ordered - tea. The sweetest is drinking of tea at the Grand Bazaar from the 15th century. It consists of 60 passages and alleyways. Bargaining in the bazaar brings a lot of joy, laughter and memorable moments and even some trendy leather jacket at a low cost.