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    coachman in Salzburg

    Choose your hotel in Salzcammergut region - Austria

    What to do in Salzkammergut region?

    Leisure time is at its best when it has to do with freedom. The freedom to do what one wants. This works only in a leisure time resorts that offers all possibilities and a great variety in a confined space.The Salzkammergut region is a such area.



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    Visiting the town of Salzburg - Austria

    The countryside into which Salzburg is embadded further its appeal. The two wooded city mountains divided by the blue band of the flowing river Salzach provide splendid vantage points to the city.

    Salzburg - FotressThe town near river Salzach

    In the north and east, Salzburg is surrounded by the Trumer Seenplatte and the Salzkammergut. There are abundant lakes for swiming and famous holiday location for tourists. In the south and in the west, the foothils of the eastern Alps, often with snow covered summits make a resplendet backdrop for the city. A gentle, in-tuned mixture of culture, architecture, music, and nature - this is what makes Salzburg so attratctive.



    Mediaeval horse station SalzburgSalt mining in Salzburg

    Salt mining has an an early history(100 BC) at Duereberg above Hallein. Salt was mined then shipped down the river Salzach.

    The first settlements date back to the Stone Age. The heyday of the salt mining was from 800-400 BC during the time of the Celts. The Celtic principality Noricum comes into being from parts of what are today the provinces of salzburg, Tyrol, Carnithia and Upper Austria. It is economically and culturally highly developed and enjoys trade relations with the Holy Roman Empire.

    City of Salzburg with FortressFortress of Salzburg

    Archbishop Gebhard 10 century later establishes the Hohensalzburg Fortress

    The construction was begun in 1077 and up to the 17th century it was constantly being enlarged and fortified with towers, bastions, wals, and entrenchments. The fortress achived its present day form under Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach in the 15th century.

    Today the Hohensalzburg Fortress is the largest and the best preserved citadel in Europe. At No.9 Getreidegasse, on 27 January 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the famous composer was born. Mozart's father Leopold was Archiepiscopal Court Music Director and had rented the apartment on the third floor.

    The house is now owned by the Mozareteum Foundation and today houses an exhibition of pictures and documents of the Mozart family as well as instruments that belonged to Mozart, for example his harpsichord, the violin he played as a small child. Other rooms show an exhibit about Mozart and the theatre, as well as the middle class style of decor during Mozart's

    Salzburg streets


    Get to know Salzburg

    To get to know Salzburg, you should take a time. Walk over the Moenchsberg or the splendour or the Kapzinerberg and see the city from all sides.

    Stroll comfortably through the little alleys, slowly take in the splendour of the magnificent buildings or visit some of the many museums.

    Eating and Drinking in Salzburg: You'll find every category of restaurant and innr , from top gourment restaurants to fast food spots. Typical Austrian specialities are served above all.