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    Hotels in Bad Kleinkirchheim - your home-away-from-home in the Nockberge region!

    Bad Kleinkirchheim - certified Alpine wellness resort, home to Speik and pine, nature experience and relaxing moments in a hammock. Speik essences have a soothing, cooling and nurturing effect on the skin. Give your heart a break and spend your holiday in a Nockberge.

    Holidays in Lake Millstatt



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    Visit Millstatt Austria

    Lake Millstatt with its dimmension and position offers numerous possibilities for water sports such as sailing, swimming, or windsurfing. Around the lake leads a gravel road, which is suitable for cyclists and for walkers. Especially romantic part is located on the south side of the lake, which is among an protected areas.

    Lake Millstatt - AustriaTown of Millstatt - AustriaMillstatt Lake  - AustriaTown of Millstatt  - AustriaMillstatt Lake on bike - Austria

    Millstatt Lake bike  - AustriaMillstatt Granatium - AustriaMillstatt Lake Granatium - AustriaMillstatt Lake and park - AustriaMillstatt - Granatium - Austria

    On the coast of Lake Millstatt

    Well, because of its largeness of around 12 km, I suggest use of bicycle. You can take a round trip with lunch in one of numerous restaurants. The narrow and long basin of Lake Millstatt stretches from east to west next to the basin of river Drava. walk or bike through the routes or just enjoy peacefulness of landscape.

    The town of MillstattSunbathing above ski resort

    Traveling around the district of Bad Kleinkirchheim, my bike turned towards the basin of the river Drava. In fact I did'nt reach river Drava because I had to stop at the shore of the lake in a nice small town Millstatt.

    The Lake Millstatt is positioned at 588 m Above sea level only around 30 km from Bad Kleinkirchheim - famous winter ski resort. On the other hand you can reach Lake Milstatt (Milstatter see) from the A10 Tauern Autobahn motorway Salzburg - Villach which is in Spittal conected to B98 highway to Millstättersee.

    I was surprised seeing bathers in lake who clearly enjoyed the August holidays. It is almost impossible to me that only a few miles from the center of the winter resort and above the 2000 metres high mountains lay warm lake with bathers and tourists. Great, I stoped bike and jumped in warm lake.

    Old Town of Millstatt

    Cycling tour around Lake Millstatt

    You can start your 30 km long bike trip around Lake Millstatt at Dobriach village. If you dont have your own bike you can rent it at Millstatt town. From Dobriach follow tiny road close the streem towards camp sites near Lake. Woody south side of the lake is ideal place for slow family cycling tour even in hot summer days.

    The north side of Lake Millstatt is much more inhabited and interesting for tourists. There are many restaurants, hotels and facilities like tennis, golf, mini-golf, beach volleyball and much more.

    Stroll through Millstatt

    Biking in MillsatttMillatatt town is also today an important culturally centre. Already before 1100 years the Benedictine monks founded the first monastery.

    The miniature town centre of Millstatt has a range of small shops, cafes and gasthouses.

    Close the lake coast is moreover an nice-looking promenade with landing stage for the lake's boat which takes you all around lake. Warm summer season and clear water of lake make just right surroundings for you lakes holiday. Lake Millstatt has various open-air summer activities, together with waterskiing or sailing. Nearby are numerous swiming places available around the lake. If you’re in good shape, you can even jump 10m from the oldest tower in the region.