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    Ancient Pompeii

    Only a few people know about the quaint city in Italy called Pompeii and its tumultuous history. Situated near Naples, Italy, the ancient Pompeii was a prosperous and thriving city a hundred centuries before it was obliterated by the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius way back in 79 AD. The volcano spewed molten lava and ashes that buried the entire city.


    Walk and explore ancient Pompeii - ItalyNo one knew of its existence until the fateful rediscovery in 1700s. Archaeologists have excavated the site and found to their amazement well preserved relics of the Ancient Pompeii and even the human remains. And yet there is still an large area in Pompeii that is yet to be unearthed.

    What was ancient Pompeii like before the volcanic eruption?

    So you might ask, what was ancient Pompeii like before the destructive volcanic eruption? Through the remains and ruins of the mysterious city, archeologists believed there were about 20,000 inhabitants before it was wiped out. The people were quite civilized, with a flourishing marketplace, indoor plumbing, an impressive amphitheater for the resident’s entertainment and a well-structured form of government. The city also has public baths, cobbled pavements and the houses revealed beautiful art pieces that could have only been properties of the affluent. The inhabitants of Ancient Pompeii were quite civilized and the very peak of their social evolution.

    ancient pompeii theaterOnly a very few peoples were able to evacuate

    Right before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the residents only heard a slight rumble and large cloud formations at the tip of the mountain. Although the ashes were quite harmless, it choked and suffocated the people living near the area. Thick ashes in gigantic amount fell and covered the entire city about 8 to 10 feet. Only a very few residents were able to evacuate since the volcanic didn’t even give much signs about its imminent eruption.

    Since its rediscovery, Ancient Pompeii is still in the state of excavation, archeologists are still hoping to find more relics of the old civilization.


    Pompeii - about 2,000 human bodies were found under the thick blanket of ash

    2,000 human bodies were found under the thick blanket of ash

    The town is said to be the prefect depiction of the people’s lives during the Roman Empire. All the artifacts found in the site were restored and preserved in state museums in Naples, Italy. About 2,000 human bodies were found under the thick blanket of ash, hardened mud, ashes and debris naturally preserved their remains. The ruins of Pompeii, with its antique structures are one of the most visited sites in the region. Many tourists and scholars travel from halfway around the world just to bear witness of the amazing remains of the prehistoric civilization.