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    The Soul of Sardinia

    which is the second largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, has formed his loneliness. For centuries it stood by the great historic events, and thus preserve quite special for yourself. Beautiful white beaches, blue sea, almost savage nature of the island's interior, unusual art treasures and very friendly locals invite you to visit Island of Sardinia.

    The most ideal time to visit Sardinia will be the month of May, June and September. At this time there is not a lot tourists but. The most of those who come to Sardinio in this time liks to surf, snorkel, fish, climb. The off-season prices are also much lower. The northern part od island is perhaps a little more typical of the landscape, because it overlaps largely granite. Indeed, there are many opportunities for trekking, if you one of climbers do not forget climbing equipment at home. Places where it is possible to climb you can find around a settlement Osilo, Alghero, Cala Gonone, ISIL, if you like granite,ter is Capo Testa on the north of Sardinia. In the inland of the island (the narrow, winding road) you can see a great events of local festivals and ofcource , cork production (their most typical product-are also major exporters of cork).

    And at the end In Sardinia you will find friendly and helpful locals..