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    Holidays in Castelsardo Sardegna

    The town of Castelsardo Sardinia is positioned on the top of the little promotory. It is about 50 minutes away from Alghero and about 90 minutes from Olbia by car. On the top of the hill dominates fortress and small town with picutresque building and narow paved streets. Castelsardo is a nice starting point to explore beaches of the north Sardinia and Asinara gulf. The landscape of Castelsardo and the view to the gulf from the promotory, make the town popular for traveler, visitors and for your holidays.

    Castelsardo is also historical town wich was founded by the Doria family in the year 1102. Since the Middle Ages, Castelsardo has been famous for its Easter Monday parade, "Lunissanti", which combines a mixture of ancient rites and traditional songs.

    The around 900 years old city is a nice examples of medieval architecture. The centre of the town are churches and the castle with the wall where is also located zhe museum the work of local handicraftsman and artisans.

    From the terraces all along the Castelsardo wall you can njoy bell view to the coast of Asinara Gulf. On a clear day it is also visible the southern part of Corsica island.