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  • Ceramics, cork, textiles, baskets entirely hand-made by artisans of Castelsardo






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    Castelsardo shops and souvenirs

    The Cork Oak is a tree which is typical in countries surrounding the Mediterranean area esecial in Italy, Corsica, France, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Almost all production of cork is made in Sardinia.

    The town of Castelsardo Sardinia is positioned on the top of the little promotory. It is about 50 minutes away from Alghero and about 90 minutes from Olbia by car. On the top of the hill dominates fortress and small town with picutresque building and narow paved streets.

    Ceramics, cork, textiles, baskets entirely hand-made by artisans of Castelsardo, typical jewelry both gold and silver, rings, earrings and necklaces in coral (Sardinia coral is the most prized in the world), wines and spirits.


    Castelsardo shops with souvenirs from cork  - Sardinia