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    Sardinia is a small but very varied Island; the scenery of its beaches is colorful almost everywhere you go. One of choises to enjoy on beaches and inland places is to create an itinerary for 7 to 14 days staying for 3 or 4 days at a time in Sardinia hotels Spend some time on the Costa Smeralda, move to Alghero, famous Stintino or explore nuraghe arround Sassari. If you have enough of time then enjoy a visit in the bustling centre of Cagliari.


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    Orosei Gulf - east side of Sardinia's coast

    Cala Biriola - Orosei Gulf Sardinia

    Boat trip from Arbatax to  Orosei Gulf Sardinia From Arbatax to Orosei Gulf by boat

    Wilde places of Gulf di Orosei

    Ogliastra - especialy Orosei Gulf is a place for those who love wilde nature without crouds of tourists. The coast of Orosei Gulf is pretty heavily reachable from inland. An easy way to reach secret small beaches is by own boat or boat excursions. On this excursions you can discover almost all sites and beaches along the coast of Orosei Gulf. From aboard of small vessels you will see limestone caves and towering cliffs overhanging the sea.

    Cala Mariolu - Orosei Gulf Sardinia


    By boath to Gulf di Orosei

    You wil arrive at some of the most beautiful beaches and places in the Mediterranean. Cala Goloritze, Cala Mariolu, Grotta del Fico, Cala Sisine, Cala Luna, the Grotte del Bue Marino, the Grotta dei Colombi, the Guglia d'Ogliastra are some of the places you will see at the end of one day - long excursion. Trip that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Aboard of small excursions boats you travel in confort and the master supply you with information on the placed visited

    Boat trip to Orosei Gulf Sardinia Orosei Gulf Sardinia - Cala Biriola Cala Sisine with greenery in back ground - Sardinia Cala Goloritze - Orosei Gulf Sardinia Cala Luna - Orosei Gulf Sardinia

    Cala Luna - Orosei Gulf Sardinia Cala Mariolu - Orosei Gulf Sardinia Cala Mariolu - Orosei Gulf Sardinia Cala Goloritze - Sardinia Along cliffs of Orosei gulf by boat - Sardinia

    Cala Mariolu - Orosei Gulf Sardinia Visit Cala Mariolu in Gulf di Orosei

    Departure to excursion in the morning from Arbatax or Santa Maria Navarrese. At the beginning of the excursion you will have the change to admire the beautiful natural sites along the coast, such as the Guglia d'Ogliastra, the Grotta dei Colombi, Cala Goloritze, Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, and Cala Luna. On arriving at the Grotte del Bue Marino you will have the change to explore tha caves and admire the stalactites an stalagmites that have made it famous.

    Cala Mariolu can be also reached by boat from Arbatax or Santa Maria Navarrese. On the beach of Cala Mariolu you can see whitest sand and turquoise sea against the intense green of the Mediterranean bushes.