Oristano - old town of Sardinia

Walk through the old part of Oristano town

Oristano - old town with typical Sardinian hospitality

From Alghero we headed about two hours towards Oristano, where we planned to camp for the next couple of days. We found a camp near coast and beach in Marina di Torregrande.

From here to the Cagliari is about 100 km. Torregrande is the beach village of Oristano. It is in the middle west coast of Sardinia in the Oristano gulf. The beach around Gulf of Oristan is easily accessible. In the seson the coast is lively thanks to its fine Lungomare, a summer promenade attracting thousands of tourists of all ages until late at night.


Torre Grande beach - sardinia

Area of Oristano

The town Oristano has more than 25.000 inhabitants. Erea of Oristano has four main sub regions: the main town, Cabras, the Sinis Peninsula and the area of Arborea. In the past these area was under several ancient civilisations: Roman, medieval and Carthaginian-Phoenician. Around the Giudicato of Arborea are a lot of fertile fields full of vegetables and rice. The Roman and the punic material and excavations can be found in the famous museum in the province. Arborea offers also interesting historical buildings for example mansion of the Seminario Tridentino Arborense, the church of S. Francesco, the Palazzo Prpaglia and beautiful Antiquarium Arborense. Contemporary exhibitions can be found in a former convent of the Carmine. Here can be found native handicrafts. Oristano has every year its famous horse race. The event is called Sartiglia.

On the beach of Sinis peninsula - Oristano Sardinia

What to do in Oristano

On the coast of the " Golfo di Oristano ", approximately 8 kms away from Oristano, lies small bathing resort Torre Grande with a yacht harbour. In the entrance of the village rises imposant Saracen Towers. In the seson the coast is lively thanks to its promenade which attracting thousands of tourists of all ages until late at night.Santa Giusta is another interesting town in the province of Oristano. Here can be found the ancient Roman city with lots of interesting remains. Very beautiful in this area is also from 12th century ex cathedral of S. Giusta.   Town Arborea lies just a few kilometres to the south. It was founded in 1930. As i said before these area is famous for its agriculture; cereals, watermelons, strawberries and so on. The area is full of beautiful gardens and buildings in neo gothic and nouveau art. Remains from the necropolis of S'Ungroni can be found in the municipal building.

Tower in Oristano Sardinia

Accommodation near Oristano

Are you looking forward to your holiday in Sardinia? Do you want to spend some beautiful days on the coast or beaches of island?July and August are high season months and peak of holiday in Sardinia. At the end of may the temperature in Sardinia are suitable for traveleres, in june temperatures can be deliciously warm and the sea temperatures suitable for swiming and sunbathing. October months in Sardinia is something special; the sea is warm up to the end of the month, the weather is pretty stabile and the ambient of life is much more relaxing. The villa prices are in October up to 50% cheaper than in August. The south side of Sardinia and its beaches are very easy to reach and the whole feel is more authentically Sardinian than in the famous Northern resorts of the Costa Smeralda. Prices of accommodations are also significantly lower.