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    Santo Domingo - The Capital of Dominican Republic

    Dominican republic, simple map

    Santo Domingo - the capital of Dominican Republic

    The main town of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo is the place where the settlement of all Americans began and it is the very first city in the New World. Located on the south shore of the Dominican Republic, about halfway to the western side of border of Haiti and the eastern coastline, the place bequeaths Spanish colonial architecture with cobble stone roads that bestow imagines of how things were back in the 1600s.
    No other city in the Caribbean has larger collection of eating places and nightlife than this main town of Dominican Republic. There are a lot of restaurants in the city that it gets nearly not possible to meet every single one of them, even for the natives them selves. The city of Santo Domingo is a terrific location to intersect citizens, and numerous of those single young executives who visit the city end up getting married to a Dominican.

    This capital of Dominican Republic is one of the most full of activity and diverse city in the Caribbean, with a population of more than three million residents in a city that sprawls out over two-hundred-fifty square kilometers. Santo Domingo is a capital that never sleeps, from doing great shopping at major chains from various places the world during day time, to the lively nightlife that awaits every visitor when the sun goes down.

    Columbus statue - Dominican RepublicGetting around the city of Santo Domingo

    For getting around the city, most tour groups will be transported in huge leased busses, but for persons visiting individually, will need to use a cab from the air-port to the city which will charge about RD$600 and rates are published at the airport terminal. You need always agree on the cost with the car driver before leaving for the destination. Another option is to hire a automobile, which is pretty simple driving into the city, just use the Las Americas Expressway west bound before passing over the Duarte Bridge and continue on to the 27 de Febrero overpass structure. The most economical method however, to get to the city capital of Dominican Republic from the airport, is to use a airport taxi or motoconcho (motorbike cab, but only if no bags) up to the motorway which is about half a mile, then take a public buss to Santo Domingo. Inside the city, there are first-rate radio-taxi services that will charge RD$100 and will get you to numerous locations.

    Santo Domingo shop - Dominican Republic

    In discovering the town, begin with the Colonial City which is the ideal starting location for visitors to get to see the city. Guests will find a lot of diverse interest from park systems to estuaries and rivers, galleries, oldest citadel, basilica, and much more that will be a wonderful sight of the past. Another attractions include Plaza de la Cultura, Museo Bellapart, Columbus Lighthouse, Los Tres Ojos and National Aquarium, Botanical Gardens and Parks, Sports City, Baseball, golf, horse, auto and Go Kart Racing, and a lot more.

    This city capital of Dominican Republic also offers places to stay that serve to the different tastes of tourists, from business executive hotels to several little places to stay that offer attractive rates for those on a budget or extended stay. Santo Domingo will certainly make for a wonderful trip.