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    Sugar fields and Bateyes of Dominican Republic

    Punta Cana beaches and resort - Dominican Republic

    Sugar fields and bateyes in Dominican Republic

    You probably know very well what or even more explicitly where Dominican Republic is; but what is Dominican Republic bateyes? Most people haven’t got a idea what that term means. Actually, three words have one meaning. So let me explain further.

    Dominican Republic is a country in the Caribbean sea, particularly, a destination at one of the islands of the Caribbean, the Hispaniola Island. Dominican Republic is the two-thirds of the warm tropical heaven Hispaniola. But what about bateyes? Actually, bateyes comes from the word batey, which suggests a company town and the place where sugar employees live. A firm town is a town or perhaps an industrial location wherein all the buildings, utilities, medica, and other, are owned by only one company.

    Stuning beaches of Dominican RepublicSugar manufacturing in Dominican Republic

    Bateyes are normaly present in Dominican Republic and Cuba. The fundamental company of a sugar manufacturing business is called ingenio in the Dominican Republic. One ingenio consist of one main managment office, a sugar processing plant, the hamlet that surrounds the office and processing plant, sugar fields and various production materials and machineries. almost every mentioned is together called a batey. To summarize, Dominican Republic bateyes are business places in which sugar employees reside.

    The majority, or maybe even all, of the Dominican bateyes are situated close to sugarcane areas. The sizes of bateyes differ, depending on the size of the sugar company.

    For more than seventy years, guys Haitians immigrate to work on Dominican bateyes each year throughout harvest period. These migrants from Haiti who wish to work on bateyes are known as congoses or un congo, phrase for one which is a mocking expression simillar to hick or chump. These people who wants to work on Dominican Republic bateyes are accommodated in five for a small room that has no bedding. These people experience long and hard work on these bateyes.

    Los-haitises national park - Dominican Republic

    Bateyes nowdays and in old times

    In the old days, authorities leaders of the nation pay for the Haitian the best leaders to find large number of Haitians to work in the bateyes. Today, person ingenios and colonos rent people called buscones. Buscones are headhunters that bring together a percentage of the salary of the congoses.

    The sugar business used to be a effective business in the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, due to low salary and the ever present lack of education, employees of the bateyes acquire broke health care services. At this time the authorities of the Dominican Republic is slowly remodeling these bateyes into new sorts of society. A good case of this is the Los Alcarizos in Santo Domingo. The Los Alcarizos was once a batey, now it has grown into a completely modern kind of society.