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    Where is Dubai

    Map of UAE Where is UAE
    If you plan a visit of Dubai than here you have some reasons to travel: beautiful sightseeing, exotic beaches, shopping, mix of traditional exellence and moderen elegance. Ok now, where is actually Dubai positioned? United Arab Emirates consists of seven autonomous Emirates federation, headed by the Supreme Council, Sheikh seven. It was formed in 1971.

    United Arab Emirates, or UAE in short, are with the oil-rich coastal desert country in the southeast of the Arabian peninsula. North of the country bordering to the Persian Gulf, on the northeast Gulf lie Gulf of Oman and Oman and on the south and west of the UAE lie Saudi Arabia. The northwest is only about 20 miles away from the coast of Qatar - by the sea.

    The largest and actualy very popular emirate is Abu Dhabi Emirate. The second largest emirate is Dubai with the same named largest city Dubai. There are also another five emirates with its capital cities Al Ayn, Madinat Zayid and Sharjah and Khawr Fakkan which are major cities of Sharjah emirate

    How to arrive Dubai

    Map of Dubai

    There are many airline trails from Europe to Asia or Australia where Dubai airport is stopover beyond. Transfear from from airport to your hotel with taxiis the most common solution. There are also hotels with their own taxi services for their guests. Renting a car from one of rental companies is another choise. You have to have an international driving licence. Drive your car on the right side.

    To visit the UAE and Dubai are suitable light summer clothing, although it is sometimes in the winter months warm clothing also necessary. In comparison with other Islamic countries is dressing in the UAE very relaxed. In some places are not desirable short clothes. In the pool or on the beach are no restrictions on dress. Sunglasses are almost mandatory part of the luggage.

    What to do in Dubai

    Burj Arab - Dubai

    Dubai has bazaars in several different locations. They also differ in the goods they sell. The most famous is Gold Sooq in the Deira. You should also look to other Sooqs in Deira and sooks in Bastakiyo and Bur Dubai.

    Driving with abro - water taxi on Dubai Creek. For transport from Deira to Bur Dubai is Abra a most convenient choise. It offers you a scenic view of both sides of the city. You may also reach an agreement with the captain of Abra that takes you on a panoramic driving to the creek.

    One of the must see locations in Dubai is Museum in Al Fahidi fort and Palace Museum in the former ruling family Al Maktoum together with the traditional fishing village. Here you can see how the locals lived before the period of economic petroleum boom.

    One of the characteristics of the town over which you will love all who love shopping shopping malls - large shopping centers. Among the most popular centres are Bur Juman Centre, Deira City Centre, Wafi Mall and other shopping. If you're in Deira, you will be closest to the Al Ghurair Centre near Fish R / A.

    Jumeirah Beach and Jumeirah is an area formed by a narrow strip of villas and hotels along the coast of Jebel Ali direction. Most of the beaches belong to the hotel but a little ahead of them and the public beach. On sundays the beach is for ladies only.

    In winter time is the most important fun of the local at least once a week Camel and horse racing. Here you can experience the ecstatic enthusiasm of the cheering for "your" horse or camel. Above all, you will experience the true pulse of genuine Arab temperament.

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