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    Dubai Sightseeing

    Dubai Creek - old and new
    We spent interesting holidays several years ago in Dubai. Holidays were actually a round trip from Europe through Sri Lanka, Maldives Islands, Dubai and back to Europe. For exploring Dubai and the whole surrounding area we booked seven day trip. After arriving at the airport and during transportation to our hotel I was reading Dubai info and in my mind planning what we will be doing on this vacation. We drove through the Sheikh Zayed avenue and saw many buildings of different, sometimes really amazing architectural shapes. Tired from traveling, we had dinner in a nice hotel and made a plan for the next day: Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah, Dubai Creek, Gold Souk…

    Trip to Dubai

    Dubai beaches

    We started the trip around Dubai in the morning, when the heat was still not too high. In mid-April were the temperatures already around 30 degrees C. For transportation, we took taxi to Dubai, People usually use taxis in Dubai because they are pretty cheap. Our first goal was to visit the Dubai Creek, where there were the first historical beginnings of the city. Given that we yesterday saw only modern skyscrapers, we almost couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the wooden barges, which drove the passengers and cargo through the Gulf. We drove with the boat across Dubai Creek and found ourselves in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the famous Gold Souk. The shops there were rampant with windows full of gold bracelets, necklaces, rings and watches. Luckily, the market was covered and the heat was not that strong, so we went to Souk of spices. The sun was relentless, so we decided to go to the beach near the picturesque and famous hotel Burj Al Arab and cool ourselves down a little bit in the sea.

    Visit of Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai

    Dubai - skyscrapers

    On our Dubai holidays we also visited the highest tower in the world Burj Khalifa (828m). The view from tower was especialy interesting at the night when the watter fountain  lit with  the lights. In the tourist brochure of Dubai we also found a promotional spot for the Mall of the Emirates, in which is located a real ski resort. We almost couldn't believe that in the middle of the desert there is actually a ski resort with a real snow. Through the huge glass wall we could watch how the locals snowboard and ski on the snow, they had 1 degree C in the middle of the desert. As a resident of Europe, where winters are pretty long with a lot of snow I had to try the snow in the Mall of Emirates. It was really  a real snow and the feeling of skiing felt very homey.

    Trip to Dubai desert

    Event on trip in Dubai desertAs I said before, we have snow and winters in abundance in Europe, so what really interested us was the experience of a real desert with hot sand and camels. We booked a half day trip to the dunes with terrain cars, riding camels in the desert and a dinner in the end. We went from Dubai and very soon we went from asphalt to the gravel road and from there straight through the dunes up and down. The ride with terrain cars was pretty breaknecking, but the drivers were experienced, otherwise we would quickly ended up on the roof of the car.  Before sunset we arrived in a small village in the desert where we were served with local dishes. Holidays in Dubai were too short, since we found only a little fraction of everything what still is to discovered in Emirates and Dubai.