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    Desert Safari- Amazing Adventure For Locals And Tourists

    Dubai Safari by car
    Are you planning to travel to Dubai? If yes, then get ready to have an experience of a lifetime! Dubai is a favorite tourist destination and many people around the globe visit this beautiful place from time to time. Looking at its increasing popularity and advancement, the tourism sector in Dubai has grown so much. Now you can find great places to shop, adventures and of course desert safari as the main tourist attraction of Dubai. Dubai is famous for its desert safari. There are also two type of skiing in Dubai, the traditional. Snow skiing at the largest indoor ski facility (at the Mall of Emirates), and sand skiing which can be on a desert safari Dubai tour, this is an enjoyable activity for all. If you are travelling in a group or with family then you will definitely make some great memories here.

    Desert Safari in Dubai

    Evening show dance in desert - Dubai Safari

    Desert Safari in Dubai is the leading adventure and the most popular tour in Dubai. It is a unique way to experience the beautiful desert of Dubai and an adventure like no other which leaves you with a memory of a lifetime. Visiting Dubai and not going for the Desert Safari Dubai is just like going to school without books. The exciting Desert Safari starts when the desert safari company picks you up in a new 4x4 from your hotel and takes you towards the Desert. When you first reach there you experience a roller coaster drive on the Dubai sand also known as Dune Bashing and Sand Bashing which would last for around 45 minutes after which you experience a stop over to experience the Sunset in the Desert also called sunset view point. You also have a chance to do camel riding after you finish the Dune Bashing. Then you are taken to the company's Desert Camp and are welcomed with Arabic Dates, Tea, Coffee, Mineral Water and Unlimited Soft drinks.

    What to do in Dubai

    Safari in desert close Dubai

    You can choose between morning or evening desert safaris. You will have a different experience at different hours of the day. The Morning Desert Safari includes a thrilling trip to the unique desert of Dubai. The journey begins when you are picked up from your location by the company you booked with and taken to the Dubai Desert where you enjoy an adventurous Dune Ride famous as Dune Bashing which would give you the experience of a roller coaster ride when the car slides and glides on the dunes. You are offered sand ski and camel ride after which you are taken to our camp where you are served with refreshments and then brought back to Dubai and you are dropped at your hotel. You will love to see the beautiful environment around you and can feel peace and solitude. You can sit with your family and enjoy some refreshments there. Clicks some pictures to keep them as a souvenir of your visit to Dubai! Make sure you search carefully for the company that will take you across the desert.

    Desert safari Dubai - Evening in desert Adam Smith the writer of Evening Safari Dubai article has experienced in writing for Morning Safari Dubai,for more info please visit Article Source: Articlebliss





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