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    Attraction of Dominican Republic

    Punta Cana beaches and resort - Dominican Republic

    Holidays to Caribbben island - Dominican Republic

    The Dominican Republic is probably the most visited holiday vacation spots in the Caribbean. It has a lot of superb beaches and hotels. The most notable aspect of the Dominican Republic is the pristine sand and clear waters. The capital city of Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, is considered as one of the oldest cities in the New World.

    Situated on the far eastern part of an island in the Caribbean named Hispaniola, Dominican Republic comprises two-thirds of the Caribbean island while the another one-third belongs to Haiti. The land has minor cyclic local climate variation and is made of rocky upland and mountain ranges with diverse landscape, ranging from barren semi-arid flatlands to lush green valleys of warm tropical rain woodlands.

    Stuning beaches of Dominican RepublicWonders of Dominican Republic

    The country has plentiful wonders . It include sixteen national parks, nine natural monuments and six scientific reservations. The land has sixty seven protected locations that are composed of picturesque roads, recreational places and ecological passages. All of these protected spots are managed and controlled by the National Parks Office of the Dominican Republic (Nacional de Parques).

    The land has 2 pine forests named the Armando Bermudez and Jose del Carmen Ramirez pine forests. They are positioned on the mountain range Cordillera Central. Dominican Republic as well has plenty of remote beaches.

    Some of these secluded beaches have cave systems that have pre-Columbian arts painted on its walls. The country is also the environment of various sorts of wild life. Some of these are the white-headed dove, rhinoceros iguana and numerous species of turtles.


    Los-haitises national park - Dominican Republic

    Situated on the northwest of the Haitian border is the “Montecristi National Park”. The Montecristi National Park is coastal lagoon. This national park is full of sea and land ecosystems and a number of types of fauna. The country has numerous panoramic roads, botanical and zoological areas, recreational places and lots of historical interests that have been decided upon as national parks. The popular dance technique “merengue” is said to have been started in the Dominican Republic. The local inhabitants of the country is considered to be a music loving populace. You can be sure to see the natives vibrate to the rhythm of its native music.

    The most popular sport in the land is baseball. As a matter of fact, some of the well-known “Major League Baseball” players arrived from the Dominican Republic. Today, baseball considered as the national interest and sport of the country. The other preferred recreational sport of the local population is domino.

    Plenty of citizens visit or migrate to the Dominican Republic for trade or leisure reasons. Some tourists still decide to permanently stay on the country of Dominican Republic because of its splendid, wonderful and amazing attractiveness. The land is known for its rich history, distinct culture and splendor of Mother Nature.