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    Clothing when travel to Dominican Republic

    Cathedral in Dominican Republic

    What to dress on holidays in Dominican Republic

    The tropical climate very much influences on clothing in the Dominican Republic. Traditional dresses in Dominican are long dresses with bright colours like orange, yellow and red and showing Spanish influence with matching bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are worn on occasions. Dominicans most of the time wear summer season clothes such as shirts, beach sandals, shirts or tops, dresses, light sweater, and sweatshirts.

    Climate is one of the main factors that play a part in the type of clothing travelers should want to bring on their vacation to the Dominican Republic. The local climate is generally warm and humid with little difference on the island; there can be a little of serious bad weather at certain times of the year so taking as well some rain gear is recommended in situation of rain showers.

    Public location is also important when thinking of clothing in the Dominican Republic. Religious beliefs is essential to each day life of Dominicans, who are generally Roman Catholics, so visitors who thinking to visit a church or attending a sacred ritual would keep in mind that it is recommended to dress a traditional style of dress. Do not dress shorts in church and it is always deferential for ladies to cover their heads prior to going into a church. Similarly man must not wear caps or any head coverings before going into the church as a symbol of respect. Females in the Dominican Republic often wear long sleeves and veils when attending church services.

    Lively streets of Santo Domingo - Dominican RepublicTypical and Beach clothing in Dominican

    Beach or resort clothing in the Dominican Republic is fairly casual when it comes to the relevant attire. Shorts and swimming suits under a warp at breakfast or lunch are considered acceptable most of the time.

    Dinner time is generally more official, skirts and long pants and collared shirts are typically worn. Some eating places in certain cities and places like Santo Domingo can at times have a stricter dress code. It is recommended that men dress trousers and ladies wear dresses throughout lunch and dinner in this section of the Dominican Republic.


    Santo Domingo rest on the beach - Dominican Republic

    Typical clothing by the Dominicans are very similar to Americans, the normal casual dress like shorts, skirts, shirts and sandals are definitely in summer season timeless. Light jackets and sweaters are worn to wrap for some night’s cold winds and breeze. However, the Spanish influence in clothing in the Dominican Republic is also present in the way Dominican people dress, and every now and then women exhibit this through brightly colored dresses and Spanish-style accessories.

    For tourists who want to get a style and experience of the traditional clothing in the Dominican Republic, can be bought in unique shops. They are founded all throughout the island. Ask around the local folks or hotel body of where to get these items at a good prices and take home some of your Dominican Republic vacation with you through Dominican Republic traditional clothes.