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    Picture from autumn trip to Lake Bled Slovenia by drago.a


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    Trip to Lake Bled in autumn - the church in the village Bled just

    HikeNow Trip to Lake Bled in autumn, Slovenia

    Bled, the pearl of Slovenian tourism, with its lake, an island and church in it, and the majestic castle on a rock, adorned numerous tourist publications. At the same time, Lake Bled with its romantic and timeless charm invites vacationers and tourists from all over the world. Recently, I was hiking in the nearby hills around Lake Bled and because of beautiful panoarama decide to visit Lake Bled. The final decision fell this summer, but the lake was occupied by tourists, so I decided to make a trip around the lake in autumn, when the tourist crowds calms down.

    Trip around Lake Bled, Slovenia in autumn

    Around the lake takes place 6 km long path for pedestrians, which is just the right length to light recreation, such as walking or riding a bike. The trail leads to the scenic hills - at Castle Hill and the surrounding hills, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view. In many benches around the lake, you can relax and enjoy the view of the lake with an island and Karavanke mountains with Mt. Stol in the distance. With your kids you can take a fun watching a game of ducks and swans on the lake.

    A very popular activity in Lake Bled is rowing, because Bled boasts a long tradition of rowing and hosting international rowing competitions. In the summer you can cool off in the water or relax on the beach below the castle, which each year attracts crowds of tourists. The very low winter temperatures, the lake freezes well. Lake Bled in all seasons offers an attractive trip for the whole family.

    Trip to Lake Bled in autumn - the church in the village Bled just close the Lake - Slovenia