Kranjska Gora - Slovenia

Kranjska Gora Landscape

Holidays to Kranjska Gora

If you prefer a rest in the surrounding of cool mountains more than holidays to the sea, visit Kranjska Gora - Slovenia. Kranjska gora is a small tourist's village which attracts visitors with outdoor sports like hiking, mountaineering, cycling, horsmanship, paragliding, fishing etc in the summer, and in winter with excellent slopes for winter sports. Kranjska gora is most famous by the World Cup competitions in Alpine skiing and ski jumpers in the nearby Planica.

Kranjska Gora is a right place for lovers of the mountains, peace, natural beauty,adventure-lovers and cyclists. Geographical coordinates 46° 29' 2" North, 13° 47' 22" East .

Kranjska Gora cycling

Mt Spik Slovenia - Cycling from Mojstrana to Kranjska gora Map of Kranjska Gora Kranjska Gora main square

Cycling from Kranjska Gora to Tarvisio

Kranjska Gora is in summer time a paradise for cyclists. The landscape of river Sava walley offering cycling for everyone, for families with children, road cyclists and mountain bikers who want adrenaline. In the last years has been completed the last part of the cycling route from Ratece to the border with Italy. Asphalt bicycle path follows the old former railway from Mojstrana - Slovenia to the border with Italy, where the path is connected to the Italian 'Ciclovia', which takes cyclists to Tarvisio and forwards to Pontteba town. Another bicycle path branch of in Treviso in direction of Austria border. The slopes of Mt. Vitranc is a nice bike Park for downhill mountain bikes. This year, the offer is completed with bicycle Park for children and beginners.

Cycling through the village of Kranjska Gora - Slovenia

Hiking destination

Upper valley of Kranjska Gora (Vrsic, Mojstrovka, Jalovec, Prisank ..) with the surrounding hills is a great destination for hikers. Walking paths are well arranged and equipped with signposts.

Hikers in Kranjska Gora can also obtain by hiking maps with traced routes. The hiking trails in Julian Alps around Kranjska Gora are well arranged and marked. The climbers can also try one's hand at the climbing routes of northern walls of all difficulty levels.



Kranjska gora for children and parents

Events for children and parents

Children can enjoy summer sledge track descendson Furious Pehta (Besna Pehta).Summer sledging is not only for children, it offers also relaxation and fun for parents. Naturally, for the children is the the most interesting visit of fairy lands: Land of Kekec, Trolls Land and Land of Triglav fairy tales. Each of fairy tales creats another world under our mountains. The Land of Kekec brings children into the world of the cutest hero by name Kekec who overcomes terrible man by name Bedanec. In the story of "Trolls Land" children learn about the dwarf who guarded nature - water, forest, a dwarf herbalist and dwarf charcoal-burer. Triglav fairy tales take the children to the world of fairy who reigns under Mount Triglav.
On the square in the centrum of Kranjska Gora has been also organised cultural and fun entertainment in the summer evenings. Summer evenings on the main market will be variegated by events "under Mt. Vitranc". Guests and visitors will be able to enjoy many free events taking place on the market before the church in the center of the village.