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    Ancient Rome Empire

    Rome - visiting of Colosseum,Prehistoric civilization of Apennines Peninsula

    A prehistoric civilization which was founded in the Italian Peninsula in the 9th century Before christ. Ancient Rome changed from aristocracy to oligarchy up to the point they were such a huge empire that was looked up to through the entire world. From when they were very strong, they were able to take hold of Western Europe and also the whole borders of seas that surrounded the Mediterranean Sea. It was actually done simply by invasion and integration.

    As for the eastern region of the Ancient Rome, it was governed by Constantinople. Highly regarded as the Byzantine Empire after 476, the original date of its fall as well as with its succeeding inception of the Middle Ages. They were frequently grouped into “classical antiquity” together with the Greeks who were very much knowledgeable on a number of subjects. As a matter of fact, the brainchild of Mathematics and Science came from their very own line. Its neighboring nation also made remarkable contributions in the area of literature, technology, law, art, architecture and language which until now have been very critical to contemporary research studies.

    Rome - Entrance to the forumAncient Rome on Tiber river

    Little known to most people, Ancient Rome was derived from settlements that were enveloped by fords on the Tiber River. It was considered as a center for traffic and trade where as archeological evidence would speak, it was established by the Sabines and Latins on the hills of Capitoline, Palatine and Quirinal. Previously, it was the Etruscans who inhabited in the northern branch who were able to control in political agendas by the late 7th century. Not for long, they lost their dominion and was overtaken by a group of persons who formed the republic. They exercised tough restraints when implementing their authority.

    Latter part of the 509 BC, councilors of Ancient Rome served as consultants to kings. Tarquin the Proud was the last of their breed who was later forced to be out of his position. After the incident took place, magistrates were elected based on a system they adopted. There entered into the picture, the several representatives from the many assemblies. The most important of them were the consuls who practiced executive right in the form of military command. They fought with those who were in the senate and were also able to have dominion even when they were just treated as neophytes. They controlled a lot of other individuals as their influence became stronger.