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    Ancient Rome Timeline

    Ancient Rome Forum  and the history - Italy8th Century B.C. Ancient Rome Timeline 753 BCE – Legendary Founding of Rome

    After a gap of two thousand years, the legendary founding of ancient Rome and the history that encloses this majestic city may have put it at a safe distance from everyone’s lives and experience, but the fact that modern Rome will always be unthinkable without the ancient Roman Empire, and the reality that Rome’s past will always be a part of how it came to be, is exactly the main reason why it is today the splendid Eternal City.

    Here’s a look back at ancient Rome timeline from the city founding until the last attempt of the Roman Empire for conquer. Some of the most notable ancient Rome timeline includes:

    8th Century B.C. Ancient Rome Timeline 753 BCE – Legendary Founding of Rome Most have it that Rome was named after Romulus who outwitted his brother Remus to be in command of the new settlement. However, it is also said that the founding of Rome was during the taking of Troy where some of the few escaped and met with shipping, put to sea, driven by winds and were carried to the coasts of Tuscany. They came to anchor off the mouth of the Tiber River, where their women because of the weariness of the sea and suggested by one of the highest birth Roma, burnt the ships. Although the men were furious at first, things after a short time succeeded far better than they hoped for, as the country was very good and the people were courteous, that they honored Roma calling the city by her name. This early history is legendary and mythical, and centuries after the facts.

    Included in this ancient Rome timeline are: political & military events-616-579 Traquinius Priscus; 579-543 Servius Tullius; 543-509 Tarquinius Superbus; cultural and other events- 600- Iron Age huts on Palatine Hill; forum area drained; earliest Latin inscriptions; Capitoline temple built.

    Ancient Rome by night6th Century B.C. - The Roman Republic was a great stage of ancient Roman civilization

    6th Century B.C. Ancient Rome Timeline 509 BC Roman Republic The Roman Republic was a great stage of ancient Roman civilization exemplified by a republican form of government. The period began with the defeat of the monarchy in 510 BC and lasted until its rebellion, through a succession civil wars, into the Roman Empire. The exact date to when the Roman Republic transitioned into a Roman Empire is a matter of version, with dates including the appointment of Julius Caesar as perpetual dictator in 44BC, the Battle of Actium in 31BC, and the date the Roman Senate granted Octavian the title “Augustus in 27BC. The distinction is made however, by modern historians and not Romans of the time.

    Included in this Ancient Rome timeline are: 509-expulsion of the kings; 494 Plebeians struggle with patricians for rights; 390 Rome sacked by Gauls; 338 extension of Roman citizenship; 287 end of struggle with patricians; 272 Rome wins control over Italy; 264-241 First Punic War: Rome wins Sicily; 450 first law code: Twelve Tables; 378 City Wall built and Romanization of Italy; 280 coinage begins; 264 first gladiatorial games

    Some of the notable events that happened during The Roman Empire period includes: 27 Octavian becomes the first Emperor Augustus; 16 AD Conquest of Danube provinces; 9 AD Varian Disaster; 14AD Death of Augustus; 43AD Conquest of Britain; 27AD Agrippa’s Pantheon; 13AD Theatre of Marcellius; 64AD Fire of Rome: First Christian persecution; 79AD Eruption of Vesuvius; 80 AD Colosseum; 112 AD Trajan’s Forum; 324AD Foundation of Constantinople; 476 AD The Fall of the Western Roman Empire; 663 Constans II becomes the last emperor to visit Rome as the city gradually slips out of Imperial control.