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    Theories On The Fall Of Rome

    The fall of Rome has practically more theories

    Was Rome’s fall inevitable or was it forced to happen? People have been debating on this issue for years. The fall of Rome has practically more theories than the human evolution. But to single out a theory as the most reliable is like believing we indeed evolved from monkeys.

    History books point out A.D. 476 as the date of the fall of Rome. However, there are those who believe that this is just the most convenient date to tell because this is the date of the Roman’s last emperor and a great way mark the end of an era.

    So what really was the reason for the fall of Rome? Was it because the empire got too large for the emperor to handle? Did religion play a part? Or was it because, like all other things, it is bound to end?

    There is no single cause for the fall of Rome. The tragedy was due to a number of reasons. Christianity was believed to have contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire. It allegedly turned the Romans into peace lovers, making them defenseless against attacks. Also, money that was supposedly used for the Empire was spent on churches instead.

    The possible cause of the fall of Rome was the steady decline in the Roman’s morals and values

    Another possible cause of the fall of Rome was the steady decline in the Roman’s morals and values. The streets were mostly unsafe due to the rise in crimes and violence. Some emperors spent money on unnecessary gatherings and harsh forms of entertainment. Most Romans enjoyed gladiators’ duels in the Colosseum. These fights were staged more than once daily.

    Health and environmental problems were also believed to contribute to the fall of Rome. Several wealthy people’s deaths were believed to be because of the lead pipes that brought their water. The frequent interaction of people in the Colosseum and in the streets, paved the way for certain diseases to thrive.

    The Roman Empire was becoming weak due to the fact that it had no firm and consistent way of choosing an emperor. There came a time when the emperor’s seat went out the one with the highest bid for it. The Romans fondness for luxurious things and lavish parties resulted in inflation. Also, there were frequent barbarian attacks which required the government to allocate vast funds for the army. There were not enough resources left to for other government projects like road and aqueduct maintenance which resulted in the city’s crumble.

    Other people insist that Rome never fell because it still exists up to this date. However, we all know for a fact that the fall of Rome meant the end of the great Roman Empire. If Rome hadn’t collapsed, would it have remained to be a great empire that it was?