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    Why Rome Tours

    Acquaint yourself with basic details about Rome city

    If Rome was built in a day, why does it require a longer stay to see everything the city has to offer? Tourists who only have a few days to spare are most often faced with decisions that are difficult to make. They are hounded with questions like “where to go” “what to see” and “how fast to get there”. But if one really intends to make the most out of his trip, he can either extend his stay, or avail or Rome tours.

    Locals and people who have lived in Rome for quite sometime still have some things to discover about the Eternal City. That is why it is important for first-time visitors to maximize their trips. It is highly-recommended that you acquaint yourself with basic details about the city especially if you plan doing Rome tours on your own or with people who are also unfamiliar with it as you are. You need to know things like what time most sights are available to the public. The city is greatly conscious of time. Churches, museums, and galleries are open at varied times. However, information on their schedules is readily available in various online sites and in Rome hotels as well.

    Whole day itinerary in Rome

    This luxury hotel in Rome presents exciting packages for their VIP guests who are fascinated with modern artistry and classical paintings. An expert in the field, by the name of Dr. Maria Cristina Paoluzzi will accompany you visit galleries and museums. A half- day itinerary will include the private residences of the locals, mysteries of the underground city, splendors of the medieval era and monuments of the ancient period. As for a whole day itinerary, it will include the santuaries in Southern Latium, baroque treasure and gardens in Northern Latium. A tour can also be scheduled because the aforementioned treat could only exclusive and not open to the public.

    The rooms of this luxury hotel in Rome are not the ordinary type you easily see around. They are definitely filled with genuine furnishings which give you a breathtaking experience when you stay in one of them. It is decorated with signed photographs by world- renowned Robert Mapplethorpe. The walls that are delicately painted in warm pastel colors as well as with the upholstery. Each type of accommodation has a unique bathroom style but what makes them all common is that they are all in marble mosaic. For reservations, log on to their website at or visit them at 9 Via del Balbuino, Rome, Italy.