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    Shadow of Rome

    The shadow of Rome is a playstation2 game

    Rome’s epic times were so great that through the years it has been given special attention, particularly reminisce it into the screens, and even into amusement games. The shadow of Rome is a playstation2 game that was released in 2004. The game features the gladiators of ancient Rome, set right after the assassination of Julius Caesar, bringing the action to a thrilling and enjoyable entertainment.

    The setting of the Shadow of Rome is the year 44 B.C., where that grandeur of the Republic of Rome has been stained by political corruption and the society has been swarmed with violence and unruliness. Julius Caesar supports drastic reform from Republicanism to Imperialism to restore Rome, but before he could do any change, he is assassinated. The horrific news finds its way into the battlefields and into the ears of one soldier, Agrippa (central character), who runs back to Rome only to realize that his father, Vesnius, is the accused murderer.

    With time running out for Agrippa before his father’s public execution in the next gladiatorial event, Agrippa with the help of his best friend Octavianus and Claudia (a female gladiator), goes on a mission to become gladiators and rescue Agrippa’s father and uncover the truth.

    The Shadow of Rome has two playable characters, Agrippa and Octavianus

    The Shadow of Rome has two playable characters, Agrippa and Octavianus. The two characters depict two opposite personality, more a lot like night and day, where Agrippa plays a dark-haired badass, and Octavianus is the fair-haired sly type. In the same way, these to diverse figures have their own discrete type of gameplay; Agrippa goes through battle screaming and yelling with a more violent approach; while Octavianus takes the more subtle approach, using more grace to stay safe in several Rome structures.

    The Shadow of Rome game actions used in playing include: salvo, is the action used for the crowd of the gladiator fight, where a player can perform a move or series of moves to get a salvo. If the player gets the crowd excited, they throw in some food or a weapon; assume disguise, is an action where the player can fool their foes through rendering them unconscious and stealing their clothes as disguise; chariot race, a player can compete in a chariot race, but have to keep a watchful eye with the horse’s stamina and try to keep the damage of the carriage to a minimal; suplex, is an action where a player can throw their opponents in the air and perhaps to death; and silver limbs, is an action of the game where a player can sever an opponents limbs and can use it as a weapon to attack the opponent.

    The Shadow of Rome has been given an excellent review, with focus on the strong fighting engine of the characters which is technically impressive and cool. It has been recognized as a game experience that is riveting as well as informational. To top that, the Shadow of Rome has its own historical touches that set it apart from many other games.