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    Club of Rome

    Where from Club of Rome originated

    When an author would come to know about the how the Club of Rome originated, there is a possibility that he or she will reject it as a plot for a good story. It all started when an industrialist from Italy meets a Russian, Scottish by birth but is now living in Paris. They then found out that they have the same set of concerns where it led them to become friends. However, they were not just satisfied with each other’s company so they drew others to their discussions. Soon enough, French, Danish, British, Austrian and American joined with them. It was in the spring of 1968 that all of them staged their formal meeting but it was unsuccessful. Surprisingly within a span of few years, millions of people around the globe were now talking about their ideas.

    Club of Rome is all credited to Aurelio Peccei and Alexander King who both had excellent thoughts on how to give solutions to the issues faced by the society at that period. They may have different vantage points but what kept them together was the fact that they wanted to make a change. Not sure of its probability, they were also worried on how limited their capacity was. Regardless of how inadequate they felt, they were still on the lookout for the people who were willing to pursue the cause they had started to embraced.

    Aurelio Peccei was one of the brainchildren of the Club of Rome

    Aurelio Peccei, one of the brainchildren of the Club of Rome, was an economist by profession. In 1935, he was sent to China where after the war, he spent some time in prison. When he was released, he returned to his native land and did civic works to help get people back on their feet. By 1949, Peccei became head of the Latin American operations on the group that he belonged. Under his leadership, he realized that it would be feasible to set- up a subsidiary in Argentina which was named Fiat- Concord. Due to such accomplishment, he was tasked to create a joint consultancy firm that covered businesses based in Italy. However, he was not contended with what he was able to achieve. He then decided to throw his energies into other organizations such as ADELA. An international association of bankers intended to assist industrialization.

    Soon after, Peccei was invited to be a speaker in a meeting where little did he know, it was the advent of the Club of Rome being established. His speech was caught a lot of people’s attention such as Dean Rusk, Jermen Gvishiani and Carroll Wilson. One of those mentioned names happened to be friend with Alexander King where they shared what they have learned from the talk given. King was sent a copy and was equally impressed so he made all means to contact Peccei. The two personally met and the rest, as they say, is history.