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    The Basics of CivCity: Rome

    Pc Game CivCity: Rome takes us on a virtual journey to the time of Julius Caesar

    Do you want to relive the time of the great Roman Empire? History books may give us a detailed picture of ancient Rome, but would still leave us to imagine for ourselves how life really was before its fall.

    Not anymore. CivCity: Rome takes us on a virtual journey to the time of Julius Caesar and other Roman emperors. This PC game was enthused by the Civilization series and is created through the joint efforts of two biggies in the PC-games industry. CivCity: Rome was not made to clone other city-builder themed games. However, it is a clever development of the previous Roman Empire inspired games, as proven by the collaboration of Firaxis, creator of Civilization and Firefly, creator of Stronghold.

    CivCity: Rome will allow the players to revive the glory of the great Roman Empire. For those who are familiar with Civilization, playing CivCity: Rome wouldn’t be too difficult. You will have the general idea that your success depends on the city that you build. However, if Civilization expects you to create several cities to come up with an empire, CivCity: Rome lets you build an empire from scratch. This means that you would have the task of building every house and controlling every single resource available. Simon Bradbury of Firefly Studios designed this amazing game, and was a co-designer of the Caesar series as well.

    Hhow does the CivCity game really work

    So how does the game really work? Primarily, a player needs to figure out where to put the town center. This actually necessitates a lot of thinking. Should you have it right beside a forest for locals to have easy access to timber? Or would it be better if it is near the sea for convenience in trading?

    The next step is to provide jobs for the locals. You can probably make farming lands available, for example. You also have the task of building houses for the people and creating streets for them to move around in. Of course, you are given a fair enough amount of resources for all these expenditures but it won’t be enough to cover for all the costs that you will eventually incur. You have to use other sources then, and the best are the taxes that locals pay.

    CivCity: Rome therefore, can showcase numerous buildings which would include gladiatorial schools, amphitheatres, palaces, forts, and so much more. It will give players the power to make animals fight each other to death. You can watch these as well as the gladiators in bloody duels. You are actually aware of even the tiniest thing that happens in the city. CivCity: Rome is basically a detailed look on one of the world’s greatest empires – the Roman Empire.