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    Streets of Kandy city - SriLanka

    Kandy from Amaya hill

    View to Kandy from the hill


    The base to explore Kandy town was again Amaya Hill hotel. Its great position on the top of the hill offer splendid view to Kandy and surrounding. Architecture and furniture of hotel and details embody the spirit of the ancient Kingdom of Kandy .

    The property is set in a former lemon grass plantation, where the large clumps of grasses are now growing wild, and a lovely spot for a cool early morning walk. You wil enjoy the view of Kandy from the hillside garden path to a seldom used gravel road that wandered along the mountain above the hotel grounds. Clumps of lemon grass and a few tea bushes grew in the fileds above and below the roadway. One of the hotel staff actual gardener came with me when I went arround the hotel garden, to keep me company and explain me the names of flowers and other plants in garden.

    Through the market of Kandy Through the market of Kandy drying fish Kandy shop Sri Lanka Kandy shop Sri Lanka Fruits in the Kandy market Kandy market Sri Lanka

    Kandy streets - Sri Lanka


    Walking through the streets of Kandy

    When I visited city of Kandy the first impression was something like heavy traffic of tuktuk, noise, chaos, to much of people on the streets and thick air. Is that the most beautiful city in Sri Lanka ? Before you answear to the question you have to know that you don't walk through the street next to your home, you are walking through the different culture and different life style.

    Walking around streets of Kandy city you can find all kind or social classes of people at the same places. There are poors asking for money or something to sell you and there are the ones who can buy what they want without a problem. In some streets you can’t even walk or cross it because to much people walking and buying and selling and the rest driving. People on the streets screams and runns from here and there. It seems like people in Kandy lives by they own rules, who cares about garbage and a smelly dirty streets. They all have to care by own family at home..


    Kandy market Sri LankaKandy market


    In the morning we went on shopping trip to the market in Kandy city. This part of city is one of the most lively and one of the must see places.

    Stalls are piled high with every kind of fruits, vegetables and spices and a really buzzy atmosphere. You will be offered free chunks of all kinds of fruit with the expectation that you’ll then buy something.

    Everything is so cheap that the line of least resistance is probably the best to take. Sri Lanka has sixteen different varieties of banana alone, none of which you’ll have come across to your shop. You can find red ones, green ones, sweet ones and savoury ones, bananas that taste vaguely of lemon or mango. And that’s before you get into the really special stuff – mangosteens, rambutans, soursop and more. If you’re self-catering the vegetable selection is equally amazing and cheap. The market also sells meat or fish but unless you know what you’re doing it may be best to avoid these.