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    Picture of Leopard taken by tharendra


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    Yala safari - Sri Lanka

    Leopard in Yala national Park

    Must see place - Yala national Park

    On the south east coast of Sri Lanka is positioned one of 14 national parks - Yala National Park. The park is one of the best places in the world where we can watch Leopards. From all the places in Sri Lanka, the Yala National Park boasts the most densely area populated by leopards. Many of explorers Yala national parks confirms few litters of cubs has been seen in park.

    Thousand of nature lovers visit this place to catch a glimpse of wild cat in jungle of Yala, well only a few of these cat lovers had a chance and see these animals or even caught on camera. Yes this Yala national park - best locations to observe leopards in Sri Lanka. The park is 260 Kilometers away from Colombo and reachable via Rathnapura – Embilipitiya or via Thanamalwila towns.

    Within block 1 (National park Yala is divided to five blocks), which mesure around 15.000 hectars as many of 48 leopards were identified. The terrain in Yala park is pretty open and when the grass is down, we can easear catch Leopard's silhuette. In general in Ruhuna National Park, simply Yala visiting and watching of Leopards is allowed throughout the year with exception between 1. September and 15. October when may be closed.

    Toucan bird Yala national ParkSafari to Yala park


    Safari to Yala park begins in the morning.

    At 5am, will be just fine to run and jump in to jeep. You can reach the park around 6 am just as the sun would be coming up.

    Of cource Block one is preferd area because it has high densities of Leopards. The lack of other large carnivores means that the leopard is the top predator and cats and cubes are not threatened during day or night. The drivers in Yala park are connected and when one of them look out some interesting he calls other drivers, so you have pretty chances to catch Leopard. Don't focused only to Leopards there are also other large animals you may see in park such as Elephants, Crocodiles, Wild Boars, Jackals, Mongooses.. and birds.. The flora is typical of dry monsoon forest vegetation. Before 1800, Sri Lanka had around 15.000 wild elephants, today the number of elephant amount less then 1000.

    Mornig on safari in Yala national Park Morning in Yala national Park On the coast of Yala national Park indian ocean On the coast of Yala national Park indian ocean Lizzard in Yala national Park Landscape of Yala national Park Safari in Yala national Park Safari jeep in Yala national Park Sun rise Yala national Park Wild boars in Yala national Park Toucan bird in Yala national Park Wettland of Yala national Park Map of Yala park Road map of Yala national Park

    Wetland of Yala national ParkAbout Yala National Park


    Yala National Park is the 2nd largest national park in Sri Lanka and mesure more than 900 square km. It is situated in the southeast region in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. The park is divided into five blocks where block 1 and block 2 are opened for the visitors.

    The highest temperature (more than 30 degrees celsius)are during June to October. Northeast monsoom and inter monsoom in April and May causes rainfall. The park is situated in dry zone of the country which has long period of drought season in the year. Main source of rainfall is Northeast monsoon and inter monsoon rain during April – May. Mean annual precipitation is 900 – 300 mm and mean annual temperature is around 27 degrees celsius. During June to October this area has experienced with very drought condition. The day time temperature is normally higher than 30 degrees celsius which is not uncommon in this region.

    Sunrise in Yala park Sri lankaBest time to visit Yala

    Forests and wild parks in Sri Lanka are paradises for nature lovers. Country of Sri Lanka is well-known for its soothing climate, which supports the survival of wild flora and fauna. From Elephant safari to bird watching, the country has always made a mark in the sector of wildlife tourism.

    National Park of Yala is the most visited park in the country.The driest months in south region where Yala park is positioned are from December to March. The temperature reach 27 degrees Celsius. This time is also best to visit Yala Park.

    You can stay in Kataragama town. The town offers a places in every price range and is usually quite quiet mid-week. You may combine visit of Yala park with visiting of Kataragama Temple complext.