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    Alcantara gorge is located around 20 km far away from Taormina on the slopes of Etna volcano. The Alcantara Gorges, geological superb monument of basalt rock, was made by the eruption of the volcano Monte Moio, Etna's most odd side crater, approximately 2400 Before christ. The lava move filled the whole valley of the Alcantara waterway a s far as its mouth on the coastline, where the Greeks started their primary community in Sicily.

    In the Sciara Larderia area the river of lava reached a thickness of 70 m. And still white-hot, and due to a telluric settling, a curved longitudinal crack opened in the lava over a length of 500 m, 70 m deep and just 5 m wide, so assuming the form of a gorge - Sicily, Italy

    Alcantara gorge is located around 20 km far away from Taormina on the slopes of Etna volcano - Sicily, Italy