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    Sant Andrea church is an impressive complex structure located in the main square of Amalfi. Amalfi Church looms impressively above the little Piazza Duomo from atop 62 wide steps. I'm not an enthusiast of a sacral buildings but this cathedral will surprise absolutely everyone. Possibly one of the most superb churches on Amalfi coastI have ever seen. The steps leading to it are impressive, and the interior is breathtaking. The matters that characterizes it is the huge staircase, already to see it from the square was interesting simply because this church is of superb beauty.

    Its facade, an 1800s approximation of this original, is an Arab-Sicilian huge range of stripes, archways and mosaics. The bell tower on the left side has a very detailed top, that contain a mid cupola surrounded by four turrets at the corners, all adorned with green and yellow tiles - Amalfi coast, Italy

    Sant Andrea church is an impressive complex structure located in the main square of Amalfi - Amalfi coast, Italy