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    On holidays in Praiano visit the church of San Luca, a beautyful church with its typical dome. The cathedral of San Luca Evangelista is based in the heart of the Praiano village, as well as the structure as we can see it now dates to to the year 1588. The very first basilica was definitely older, since this is remarked in documents from the years 1123 and 1202.The cathedral of St Luca is also known for its majolica dome, decorated according to the most frequent local tradition.

    Praiano was once popular for its coral fishing. Artisans working with coral were recognizable from the earrings they wore in the left ear. During the height of the Amalfi Republic, this silent and attractive town was the preferred summer house of the Doge.

    Wonderful seacoast sights are really liked simply by visiting Praiano and the small charming anchorage, Marina di Praia, a fiord bay situated among two rock walls. From the harbor, take the promenade all around the cliff of La Praia to the tip of the promontory to find Torre a Mare, a middle age watchtower once useful to protect the town from pirates - Italy

    On holidays in Praiano visit church of San Luca, a beautyful church with its typical maiolica tiles dome - Italy