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    Family-run hotel in Sorrentoand surroundings guarantees a warm welcome and a personalised service from its friendly team of multi-lingual staff. Daily trips are organised to Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Pompei and Naples.

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    Amalfi coast hotels: The gentle and mild climate favours lingering, leisurely days on the beach or visits to the Amalfi concealed in the frescos, cloisters, the ancient residences of the Medieval Amalfi nobility and amongst narrow alleyways in the historical centre of the town.

    Stay in centre of Pompeii: if you travell to Italy and you want to see the Pompeii ruins then the hotels in centre of Pompeii is a great place to stay for a few days.



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    Mt Vesuvius volcano - Italy

    Pompeii is an ancient town near Naples on west side Apenine's peninsula - Italy. The town was totally destroyed by a Volcano from the nearby mountain Vesuvius, the remains of this town are excavated and preserved as an archaeological site.

    Vesuvio Ancient EruptionHerculaneum mapDangerous volcano Vesuvius

    The most dangerous volcano in the world lies near more than three milion inhabitants of south of Italy. The eruption of  Vesuvius in year 79 devastated town of Pompeii - see Computer-generated imagery of the eruption of Vesuvius Pompeii. Today the modern research shows that the next erupting of the volcano Vesuvius can be much worse. Volcano of Vesuvius rises up above the Naples as a ticktock timing bomb is firm belif of many scientist, visitors of Pompeii and inhabitants of Naples region. Their opinion has diferent only in announcement how strong will be the next eruption and how many lifes will be in danger.

    The present plan of the evacuation is foreseeing a strong eruption and includes 600.000 inhabitants. The opinion of today's scientists is that strong eruption of volcano Vesuvios could threaten also Naples. The fact is that the city of Naples is not included in the plan of the evacuation for now.

    Vesuvio crater ItalyExplore volcano Vesuvios

    The road, which is winding from Naples bay towards the summit of Vesuvius shows one more way how a person can die on these volcanic slopes: you can be hit by numerous of touristic buses driving on sharp corners from Ercolano towards 1281 meters high summit.

    The days when muscular boys from Naples carried in sedan chairs famous people are gone. They carried them on sheer roads, Goethe named that »summit of hell, which lies in the middle of the paradise«. Now a days is really heavenly when you find an empty parking place on the overfilled parking.

    When you buy a ticket because the area around summit of the volcano is from the year 1995 a part of the national park, you should go by foot forward across brownish road - it takes about 15 minutes. Road leads near souvenir stores and concrete pillars abandoned railway. At last you arrive at the edge of the crater. On a serene day tourists can admire Capri island and peninsula with Sorrento town.

    Walk to the vulcano VesuviusWhen will be volcano of Vesuvios erupted ?


    Crowds of tourists are coming to the crater impressed when they see beautiful view on every part of the sky. The bottom of the crater is about 250 meters lower.

    The most known eruption of vulcano Vesuvius hapend in the year 79 AD. Another eruptions of vulcano was in year 203, 472, 512, 787, 968, 991, 999, 1007, 1036, 1631, 1660, 1682, 1694, 1698, 1707, 1737, 1760, 1767, 1779, 1794, 1822, 1834, 1839, 1850, 1855, 1861, 1868 in 1872. In period of 20th century vulcano Vesuvius erupted in years 1906, 1929 and 1944

    Today's science can't foretell a volcanic eruption. Volcano scientists are sure that they had some warning signs of the volcano, so Vesuvius can erupt soon . Of course it is not good to scare people, but it is even more scarier when you think that a crowd of the native people want to do the same thing in a panic state. What would happen if Vesuvius would start to show signs for nearly eruption? It would be probably caused a lot of confusion and insecurity. It is hard to imagine the days before the catastrophe. It would be probably worse than at the eruption of the volcano.

    Friday, March 30, 1944

    "The eruption seems to have abated very slowly during the past few days. Cinders and ashes have been raining down over all the villages in this section, but seem to be slowing up. The smoke from the crater is apparently changing from the intense black to white again. Yesterday, I looked at the Autostrade through my glasses, and it is apparently covered with cinders as is the entire mountainside. Only two weeks ago, I rode up the Autostrade and then walked several hundred yards up toward the crater. Yesterday afternoon, we rode in the ambulance, and, on the way back, we took a shortcut via Pompeii. Bulldozers were plowing the cinders to the side of the road in huge banks. Practically all the gardens and vineyards are covered to a tremendous depth in the area all the way from Vesuvius to Salerno. Many people are homeless and without food, but they seem to take it in stride, just as the Northerners take the snow in winter. After this eruption it� easy to visualize the destruction of Pompeii - a most amazing and uncanny phenomenon. From my quarters I can still see what appears to be small areas with smoking lava, but the smoke from the crater has abated. Today, the wind is blowing inland, and it appears that cone is much lower than before. Vesuvius is definitely not dead after all these years of inactivity