Venice today - Italy

Tourists in Venice

Global warming and Venice

Most of people think that there is no reason to worry about global warming because the average increase of temperature during the whole century should be only two or three degrees


Already some 40 years, scientists worried about what will happen if the West Antarctic plate broke and slipped into the ocean because of global warming. Water level would then rise by four to six meters. Many cities around the world would be flooded, Venice, and many other city would be submerged.




Decreasing of inhabitants

Some studies are showing that Venice could became uninhabited because of decreasing of inhabitants. At the last three decades the number of Venetians are declined over half to 60 thousand inhabitants. The trend of decresing Venecians will be probably empty the city till year 2030 with this tempo. One of the biggest culprit is obviously the tourism, which is from year to year more invasive and massive. In golden years Venice was place for cream de la cream, those people who were visiting Venice for longer period.

Natives of Venice - daily job


Tourists in Venice

Today tourists are visiting Venice only for a day or two. They are bringing their own sandwiches, thermos flasks, drinks and of course camera.

That kind of tourists are sight seeing for free historical buildings and churches. Because of that the income of tourism is declining, although number of visitors is decreasing and local people are loosing their patience.

On the coast - Natives of Venice - daily job

Troubles of Venice natives

They have trouble with high prices of life necessaries, fuel and communal services which are more than a third of price more expensive than on mainland.

Beside that facts, the inhabitants of Venice have trouble with their price system which concern tourist and local prices. The sellers had simplify their life and charge services for natives and tourists by the same prices.