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    Booking your hotel in Sicily

    Booking your hotel in Sicily

    Booking your hotel in Sicily

    If you are planning a holidays to Sicily and a trip to one of the Sicilian seesights you need a place to stay. In Sicily on the coast or inland are a variety of budget hotels, luxurious accommodations or suit for all kind of travellers requirements.


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    Explore surrounding of Trapani - Sicily

    Trapani’s airport is located about 20 km from the centre of Trapani. Buses leave regularly from outside the terminal building for the 20 minute journey into Trapani. Taxis are also available from the airport into Trapani for around €30 to €50 . View to Trapani town - Sicily Where is Trapani on map of Sicily


    Where is Trapani - Sicily

    There is a motorway from Trapani city to major destinations in Sicily such as Palermo, Catania and Messina, and a coastal road to Mazara del Vallo in the province, but others are small and winding. Care should be taken. Petrol is more expensive than in many other places in Europe, while public transport is cheaper and frequent. To travel by bus or train, purchase a ticket before travelling, which must be stamped in the machine when boarding. Tickets are only valid for a short time after stamping.

    Trapani salt pans - SicilyWhat to see in Trapani - Sicily

    The province of Trapani is composed of marvelous coasts alternated by steep cliffs and long beaches.  
    Travel close the coast of Trapani you can find some very valuable spots such as the Gulf of Castellamare with beautiful beaches, Scopello which is known for its stacks and transparent sea and San Vito Lo Capo with beautiful waters and white beaches.

    Anather natural heritage, starting with the renowned Egadi Isles and volcanic isle of Pantelleria. There are also famous protected area of Zingaro Natural Reserve, which stretches out along the coast and reefs, inlets and marine cliffs a sheer drop to the blue sea, covered by thick Mediterranean shrubs.

    Trapani town  beaches - SicilyWhat to eat in Trapani Sicily

    Trapani is known for its food. Delicious seafood dishes can be enjoyed alongside pizza and pasta delicacies. The tuna, which is caught just off the coast between the city itself and one of its islands, Favignana, is superb, especially when served with local couscous.

    Sicilian meals tend to be cheaper than in many areas of Italy, and a good pizza or seafood meal can be found for just a few euros. Try the Tumma, a ricotta-style cheese, and the insalata pantescha, a dish made of tomatoes, onions, potatoes and wine. Both are delicacies. Restaurants open most lunchtimes and evenings, although usually close Sunday and Monday. Most restaurants charge a cover charge (coperto) of around one Euro for each person seated. Ai Lumi A traditional tavernetta, complete with old brickwork and beams, which was created from the refurbishment of a palace’s stable block

    Trapani old town centre - SicilyWalking through the streets of Trapani

    You've probably heard stories about mafia and Italian underground. But that is far away from the truth what Sicily really is. This big island that we could call the corner of Europe, is a beautiful mixture of different cultures and variegated history. The nature in Sicily is very vibrant and rich. Sicily is Island of many Mediterranean forces such as Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Normans, French all to Spanish people.

    Province Trapani is a typical landscape illustration of paradise on earth. Here is soil very fertile and cultivated - vineyards, olive plantations, fruit gardens, fields of varieties of vegetables and tidy irrigates ditches are in mockery of all those stereotypes about lazy southerners. In provinces such as Trapani people produce more wine than in Chile or in Hungary.

    In province Trapani you could admire very beautiful women. I don't know if I ever saw so many beautiful women in the world, all ages and colours than in Trapani. In the evening you could fill up every fashion magazine with pictures of Trapani womens, which walk through the streets of Campobello. In the evening the local people have also theirs ritual. Every evening they took their chairs outside on the street and instead of watching the television they are watching women who are walking on the promenade