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    Promenade on the streets of historic centre in Positano. From the turning cobblestone streets take you down to the coast, along the shops, this stroll is one of visitors absolute favorites. You may easily spend the whole day here watching people and small shops.

    The Amalfi Coast is recognized for having fancied the "hippy-chic" fashion: a classy, Mediterranean version of the clothing attract with the flower power generation, characterized by lively material or linen tops, head jewelry, and sarongs and flat, hand made sandals, which were inspired by the shoes primary produced on the isle of Capri.

    The primary reason that numerous tourists come to Positano every summer months are without doubt for the town's stunning pebbly beach and referred water sports attractions. Whatever the month or year, the seacoast round Positano is a joy, although the main tourist attractions are at their very best during the summer months, at the time bougainvillea is in full blossom, including ship journeys and cruise trips, windsurfing and a range of port front cafes- Amalfi coast, Italy

    Promenade on the streets of historic centre in Positano - Amalfi coast, Italy