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    Atlantis Bahamas: Certainly Worth Visiting

    It is a fact that the Bahamas offers a tang of paradise to vacationers all over the world who want to get away from the daily rotes. Atlantis Bahamas undeniably gives an unmatched resort experience. To brush you with a little yet delightful idea, the island of Atlantis Bahamas is perfect for ruins exploration such as Mayan temple’s challenging water slides, the endless casino action and spectacular swimming destinations.

    Vacation in Atlantis Bahamas

    Vacation in Atlantis Bahamas - fun on the beachThe island of Atlantis Bahamas was not designed for visits, yet for vacationers to personally experience its paradise. Carrying the world’s biggest marine habitat, a 15-million dollar worth marina, largest Caribbean casino, waterfalls and lagoons, the place has reached a remarkable blend of adventure and comfort. The island is also the location of the latest Royal Towers worth 480 million dollar.

    Geographically, Atlantis is considered an extravagant resort located close to the island of Nassau, the Bahamas’ capital. Atlantis is born after the legendary city that has been under the water for centuries now. It was a multi billion dollar venture that has been moving a fine share of Nassau’s economy.

    Vacation in Atlantis Bahamas - water park at the nightAdventure activities in Atlantis Bahamas

    Adding to the economical boost of the island are its diverse adventure activities that include Leap of Faith Side, a propelling rider with a speed of 35 miles. The resort has also a serpent slide that spins through the mysterious temple core and exceeds through some predator lagoon, at a laid-back pace. They also offer The Challengers, where one races down to a high speed slides. Further, their cascades are slides with gentle water flowing, interconnected to the pool for kids.

    The other feature of the Atlantis Bahamas embraces the Lazy River Ride that is good winding for tubing, pool areas, and paradise lagoons boosting a saltwater marina perfect for snorkeling. These saltwater habitats are also swarmed with more than 100, 000 marine lives containing around 150 species.

    . Atlantis resort

    Vacation in Atlantis Bahamas - drink at the beach

    Since the island of Atlantis Bahamas is packed with millions of visitors, their economy enhances through the chains of hotels around. The Atlantis Resort for instance has around 2, 000 rooms. It has three major towers where choosing your preference affects your feeling regarding the resort as well as your general vacation experience. The hotel Beach Tower is another spot to lodge and is perfectly appealing to the whole family.

    Historically, the Atlantis Bahamas was destroyed and lost during the 1, 500 B.C. due to a huge earthquake. Inspired by this legend, the island has playfully and creatively construes this lost planet in the island, giving an extravaganza of lure and loads of glitz. ..Atlantis Bahamas visiting by dragoa: