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    Trip along the river of Zezere - Portugal

    HikeNow Trip along the river of Rio Zezere - Portugal

    The inland central part of Portugal is much less famous by the foreign travelers, or even the Portuguese. For holiday activities there are the inland river beaches, tennis courts in the villages, sign-posted walking and cycling paths.

    Algarve - walk through the streets of Lagos

    Discover area of the river Rio Zezere

    First attraction in Serra da Estrela concerns to the network of historical Schist Villages. Traditional places are scattered on the mountain sides and valleys. The locals in communities bid traditional items or they have made the natural wonders into their cultural heritage.

    Another interesting thing is one of the largest rivers in Portugal - Rio Zezere. It springs at an elevation of about 1900 m, and its watercourse follows an ice age valleays. The river Rio Zezere flows completely within Portugal from the Serra da Estrela mountain range lose to the Covăo da Ametade, to its union with the famous Tagus River 124 miles (200 kms) downstream. The deep cut and rapid descent of the river resulted in the construction of 3 hydroelectric dams.

    Zęzere river runs until Manteigas throughout a glacial valley with an U profile, which has been formed in recent geologic times. In this first area, the river runs towards north. At Covilhă, the river makes a great curve and takes definitive orientation, running from north-east to southwest.
    Zezere is a tributary of the river Tagus. Their waters merge at the Constância confluence, after a 200 km course. River Zezere and River Mondego are the only two rivers in Portugal which are entirely portuguese. Rio Mondego with waters of Zezere flows into the ocean at Figueira da Foz.

    Fishing boat on river Rio Zezere, Portugal Hills above river Rio Zezere, Portugal Picturesque river Rio Zezere, Portugal Landscape of picturesque river Rio Zezere, Portugal Orange tree in Rio Zezere, Portugal

    White villages of Rio Zezere

    A few slate places are located in this peaceful site. Following the river Zezere from North to South, we begin in the village of Barroca. You can travel to the ancient watermills and cross the footbridge so you can look up to the engravings that were inscribed into the rocks a number of thousands of years ago by the ancestors of the local habitants.

    Rio Zezere, Portugal

    In Pedrógăo Pequeno, the river flows in to the Cabril dam, a perfect leisure holiday spot. In the white village, that displays noble architecture, there are lots of typical monuments to find in a landscape that ends in the old Filipina bridge, once again linking the banks of the River Zęzere. Eight km to Pedrogao-Pequeno with historic village center, Roman stone bridge and a standpoint to Rio Zezere and landscapes. Mark of Rio Zezere, many possibilities for swimming (Praia fluvial) and for fishing. Pedrogao-Grande, twelve km, attracts you with historic centre, a church from 12th/13th century and also the dammed Rio Zezere (8km).

    Further downstream, the river Zezere is much more calm, as it flows towards the peaceful surroundings of the Albufeira do Cabril dam. Stretching across the hill looking over the river, Álvaro is another of the “white villages”. Álvaro stretches lazily and snake-like all down the hill on a visible slope next to the Zęzere river, disposed next to the Cabril lagoon. Viewed from the height of the majestic landscape that surrounds it, it appears like a wall that protects the passing of the river.

    Mosteiro village is situated in the bottoom of a valley on the right bank of the Ribeira de Pena. The water, once being used by the folks in mills and sluices, now delights summer time travelers its river beach. This visitors place in village of Mosteiro has great grass fields, sun area, and restaurant, with outside service. This place provides magnificent relaxing and relaxing moments, in a still rural areas. In the surroundings you will discover 2 hikers paths, PG-5 “Na Senda da Ribeira de Pera”(7Km) and PG- 6 “Rumando Contra a Corrente em Direcçăo ao Açude” (3Km). Both will let you get to know the shores of Ribeira de Pera, its beautiful vegetation and the region’s typical cultivation. PG-5 offers also the opportunity to take a lunch at the picnic park of Rabigordo.