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  • Explore ancient Delphi, where an archaeological site and a cosmopolitan town exist side by side. The Sanctuary of Apollo, the defining landmark of Delphi, still evokes the same awe as it did years ago when kings, rulers and the common men came to hear the prophesies of the Oracle. The impressive sites of the Sanctuary are the Temple of Apollo, the gymnasium, and the ancient theatre. and explore the archaeological sites to get further insights into a civilization of Greeks.



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    Explore Zeus temple of Olympia - Greece

    Zeus from Olympia

    Map of Olympia Greece When Zeus god became angry

    For a long time there were only man on earth then Zeus became angry with these man, and more especialy with the Titan who was the first to give fire to men, something which had previosly belonged only to gods.

    And so Zeus decided to take revange. The revange was quite simply, to order Hepaestus to make a woman out of clay. She was then brought to life by the breath of a four winds, and dressed and made beautiful by the godesses. Here name was Pandora..

    Zeus-Greek God Olympia

    ZEUS, last born, but leader of the gods. His name means 'bright' and he is always associated with the sky, over which he ruled; the weather, and because of its association with the weather, the fertility of the siol. Kings were said to derive their power from him and he was belived to take an active interest in political affairs

    HERA who married her brother Zeus, is known in mythology chiefly for the role she plays as an excessively watchful and jealous wife, quick and spiteful in her revenge.

    ATHENA, Zeus's favourite child, sprang fully grown and fully armed from his head. She was a most charming goddess, patroness of weaving and inventor of many useful things such as ship and flute.She was the goddess of war. Athens was her particular city.

    APOLLO was always associated with beauty and grace, and was god of  music. He was also a symbol of light and reason and the god of truth.

    ARTEMIS was Apollo's sister. She was the virgin huntress, associated with wild animals. This goddess was protectress of the young, and although herself a virgin.

    APHRODITE, goddess of love and desire, was held in extremely high regard by the sensual Greeks.Her name comes from the word aphros, xhich means foam in Greek.

    AthenaOlympia - temple of Zeus TEMPLE OF ZEUS (470 - 457 B.C.).Doric, peripteral temple with six columns at the narow and thirteen columns at the long sides (54,12 X 27,68 m. , and h. 20,25 m.). lt was the model of the doric order temple. Libon the Elean was the architect of the monument. In the cella was positioned the colossal gold-and-ivory made cult statue of Zeus ( 12 m.), one of the seven wonders of the ancient world fashioned by the renowned Athenian sculptor Pheidias. The two pediments were decorated with marble sculptures depicting mythological scenes: East pediment: The contest between Pelops and Oinomaos. West pediment: The tight between Lapiths and Centaurs. The labours of Hercules were depicted on the twelve interior slabs ("metopae"). The temple was destroyed by the earthquakes of 522 and 551 A. D.

    POSEIDON, second in power only to Zeus, rouled the sea and all underground streams, but never quite overcame his jealousy of Zeus's greater power. He too was associated with fertility, beccause of the water.

    HADES, ruler of the Underworld, Tartarus, (which is sometimes known as Hades) was a far less flamboyant character than either of his brothers. He was never  regarded as a  'devil'.Temples were never dedicated to him as they were to Zeus of Poseidon.

    HESTIA was goddess of the Hearth, but her role was gradually taken over by other more vigorous goddesses though meals ussually began and ended with an offering to her.

    DEMETER, the corn-goddess, is not always included among the Twelve, though she was extremely important to the Greeks who acknowledged that her corn sustained life, and the first corn field marked the beginning of settled life on earth.

    Olympia museum - Greece

    The sculptured ornaments from the Temple of Zeus. The sculptured ornaments from the Temple of Zeus. The sculptured ornaments from the Temple of Zeus. The sculptured ornaments from the Temple of Zeus. The sculptured ornaments from the Temple of Zeus. The sculptured ornaments from the Temple of Zeus. Marina of  Kalamata Greece 1

    ARES was god of war. He revelled in fighting for its own sake and was constantly provoking men to battle. He was once indicted for murder.

    HERMES was associated with cunning and mischief, but was rarely malicious. A son of Zeus by Maia, Hermes was born in Arcadia.

    HEPHAESTUS grew up to be extremely skilled as a smith and was very popular god with the Greeks, for his kindly nature.

    DIONYSUS was god of the vine, son of Zeus. He is portrayed followed by a group of merrymakers, some human, some divine.

    PAN was the patron of shepherds and made his home in Arcadia, his apperance was, half man and half goat.

    PERSEPHONE a daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Her return to earth marks the beginning of Spring; her return to Hades marks the beginning of Winter.

    EROS, his name means sexual passion. Eros is portrayed as Aphrodite's son. He was regarded as irresponsible to join the Olympian gods.