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    Hydra island Greece -the Lady of Saronic gulf

    Hydra Greece

    How to reach Hydra island

    Hydra island lies about 150 km away yrom Athens in direction of ancient Epidavros. Hydra is a preety small island which lies about 8km south from the coast of the Peloponnese. It stretch 20 kilometres in lenght and 2 to 5 kilometres wide. You can reach island by hydroplane from Peloponnese in 30 minutes and in 90 minutes from Athens.

    However we started our trip from Peloponnese followed the newly opened road to Kalloni town . The road is an extension of the National Road and for trip from Athenes you will need 1 hour and 45 min. Your target are Metoxi or Ermioni town. There you can find taxi boat, or hydrofoil for transportation to the Hydra island.

    Beaches of Hydra GreeceClimate on Hydra island

    For Hydra island is significantly classic Mediterranean climatie with small modification of island's charcteristics. The temperature range in the Summer about 37 grad Celsius and in Spring or Autumn range 25 grad. The summers are hot and dry and most rain falls during the Winter. The island has an extensive system of cisterns to store the winter rains. Under houses they form terraces and raised plinths, and within the town one of the most significant public spaces is the main town cistern at the top of the hill.

    What to see on Hydra island

    Hydra island enchants its visitors with its traditional architecture and imposing mansions , its blooming garden and scenic cobblestones and its plethora of churches and monasteries. The blue of the sea fuses with the white and gray tones of the island, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

    Where is Hydra Greece Map of Hydra island greece Transportation on Hydra island with Donkey Greece Hydra island houses Picturesque Hydra island Explore Hydra town Hydra island has been a place for many artists and literaly figures, including N. Chatzikyriakos - Gikas, P. Petsis, Elytis, Egonopoullos, Seferis and Henry Miller who have left their mark and island of Hydra. Today Hydra continues ton inspire artists, such as LeonardCohen, who has an old mansion on the highets part of the island, in wich he has written many books and several songs Streets of Hydra town - GreeceEvents in Hydra island

    If you happen to visit Hydra in mid June (btw 17. and 26), you will watch the reenactment of the most celebrated events of the islands history and contribution to the Greek Revolution. In addition to that, various athletic and cultural events are taking place all over Hydra island.

    An impressive exhibition of paintings, etchings , sculpture and videos by Greek and Romanian artists, dedicated to the Greek independence War, is the surprise event of this summer. The exhibitts themes are the Greek flag and admiral Andreas Miaoulis . The festival will culminate with the re-anactment of the sea battle and the setting fire of the Turkish flagship at the port. The fireworks light up the night creating the spectacular show.



    Donkey Taxi on the streets of Hydra town - GreeceWhat to do on Hydra island

    You can visit the Ecclesiastical Museum of Hydra, called St. Makarios. Almost all its exhibits are treasures from the nunnery of Virgin Mry Reveland and are dated from mid 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century.
    Hydra features a plethora of trail, magnificent vistas and natural settings that offer hours of hiking. Hydra St. Nikolaos: 55min low degree of difficulty, Hydra Profitis Ilias: 45 minutes, low degree of difficulty, Profitis Ilias Eros: 15 min high degree of difficulty, Hydra- Vlychos: 25 min low degree of dificulty..

    Walking and exploring island is a great activity on the wacation..  You can combine walking with water taxis or donkey transportation to reach a variety of beaches on the southern coast. It will be fun..

    There are many beautiful places for swimming, fishing, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and water skiing, though all of Hydra’s beaches, with the exception of one, are either pebbly or rocky.  The only sand beach is located on the island’s north coast at Mandraki, about a 20-minute walk east of the town.  A resort hotel occupies most of that beach, but its windsurfing center is open to the public.