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    Accommodation in Crete Hotels of coastal town with urban attractions or in a beachfront hotel, you will be enjoy your holidays in a beautiful places of mediteranean island Crete.



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    Quick tour to Crete

    Crete pictures

    Gortyn (Gortys) – famous ancient Greek city

    Its monuments have been revealed by the Italian School. The first and most important of these monument is the famous Inscipriton (Great Inscription) on which the Laws of Gortyn are inscribed in archaic Doric dialect. Gortyn was an very important ancient Greek city which was flourishing during the hellenic period 1100-66 B.C.) and particularly under the Romans.



    Crete pictures


    The inscription belongs to the 6th or 5th Century B.C. It is looked on as the most important of its kind and the oldest complete code of laws. Also very important in city of Gortyn is the theatre, the Roman Odeion, the Praetorium, a large edifice of the Roman period, the Nympaia, the temple of the god Isis and the Church of the apostle Tutus.





    Gortys LawThe excavations have also brought statues to light as well as coins of many different types. The oldest date from 480-400 B.C.Gortyn was probably destroyed in 827 A.D. by the Arabs. Gortyn accepted Chritianity very early and became the first Bishop of Crete, the Apostle Titus.

    Chania Crete

    Chania - the most prettiest town of Crete

    Chania Crete - the town of Jasmine lies in a green setting which is famous for its wild flowers. The country lies on the famous White Mountains is full of charm, cultivated, with splended olive and orange groves and vineyards with delicious grapes.

    There are also beautiful gardens and fine sandy beaches as well as a mass of arhaeoogical and historic sites with monuments of mediaeval and Byzantine times. The town is famous for its aromatic plants and mountains above Chania.



    Chania map - CreteChania as town is divided into the new and old part of town. The modern town has attractive houses, great hotels, apartments with greenery and flourishing gardens. The old town is centred round the waterfront with picturesque appearance and old Venetian houses. Surroundings of Chanea are beautiful, especially when the air is laden with the scent of orange blossom.

    Short history of Chania : ChanIa is built on the ruins of ancient Cydonia, one of the largest towns in ancient Crete. For centuries Cydonia was indepenndent and autonomous until in 69 B.C. when it was captured by Romans. In 325 A.D it passed to Byzantium. In 1252, the Venetians began to build Chania on the ruins of teh ancient town. They called it La Canea.

    Numerous nice houses and fine churches were also built. In 1645 the town fell into the hands of Turks. Finally in 1913 Canea with the rest of Crete was united with Greece. In Chania tourists can find a lot of fine Restaurants with good sea food, and shops with interesting souvenirs. The place Chania is a paradise with endnessless sandy beaches which are close to very high peaks of »White Mountains« ( the highest peak is Pachnes, 2453 m). The place is ideal for people with adventuress spirits. I recomend also a hike to one of the most mighty and beautiful gorge in Europe – Samarie which lies 40 km south from Chania ( 18 km long gorge was in year 1962 proclamatied for National Park and is also protected).

    Elounda CreteElounda Crete

    When you come to island Crete you must visit Elounda. The village is known for its luxurious properties, hotels and accommodation. It is also famous for all sort of royaltys and celebrities, and offers you total privacy. Elounda was before Tourist discoverd it only a small Fishing Village near Agios Nikolaos.