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    Crete sights - Greece

    Frescoes from Knossos Crete

    Minoan civilisation in Crete

    On that developed civilization reminds us many valuable finds in the archaeology museum in the capital of Heraklion. Despite renewal of the museum you can still admire the most valuable finds. They are also renovating one of the most »renewed« Minoan palace near town of Knosos. Knosos gives you a feeling how life looked like in the time of the Minoan civilization.

    The biggest of Greek islands is the island of Crete. The tickets for the ferry to the island is pretty expensive and the ship company is proudly called on the Minoan civilization, which built on the island spectacular palaces over 4500 years ago.



    Visit Crete AquariumWhat to do and what to see in Crete island Greece

    Besides that, the legend says that under the palace was built a labyrinth, where the Minotaver – a monster with human body and bulls head was closed.

    That kind of archaeological areas are find a lot in the island. But we cant forget the gorgeous beaches on the Crete. The tourists areas with many of hotels is found on the center part of northern coast among capital and town Chania. Chania is one of the most attractive towns overall the island. It has narrow and picturesque streets, hundreds of little shops, restaurants, bars, galleries and few museums. Some of the old houses offer also accommodation ofcource sleeping in that houses can be pretty expensive.

    The reason why tourists visit Crete year by year is not so much for the traditional Greek island experience, as for investigating the remains of the archaic Minoan culture, hundrets of of small and large beaches and natural sites of inlad like caves, gorges.

    Crete Heraklion - GreeceYou can find dream beaches especially on the utmost east and west part of the island. On the east part you have gorgeous beach Vai, which is adorned with real forest of endemic palm trees. And on the west there are few beaches and the sea on that beaches are because of the white sand and shoals colored in beautiful turquoise-blue. 

    The must see sites which are worth of visit in Crete islad is for shure Crete Aquarium with variety of reptiles, such as Loggerhead turtles, Balkan Green Lizards, Skinks, gheckos and snakes, Interesting fish such as Scorpion Fish, groupers eels, octopus. A visit to the Minoan palace at Knossos with Archaeological Museum in Heraklion with thousands of artefacts from Minoan culture and civilisation could be your introduction into knowing of Cretaen history. On your family holidays take your kids to the Limnoupolis Water Park with rides, slides, wave pools and more for children of all ages to enjoy.

    Olive oil soap shop - CreteGreece is probably one of the biggest exporter for olive oil and other olives products. Oil has been also used for making diverse soaps for thousand of years.In eighteenth cetury the amount of olive oil from Crete almost doubled. There are few, small family businesses in Crete today who are processing olive oil and make than olive oil soaps.

    Olive oil soap is very mild and can be used on any skin typ. People in Crete are producing also olive oil soaps with herbal extracts such as aloe, thyme, rosemary with added cosmetic properties. The soap is exported to several different countrys all over the World.

    The most cheapest way is to go around four kilometers far away camp, and people who are visiting Crete without their cars, they can use town bus which drives from the camp to other parts of the Crete. Besides that near the camp is many bars and few bigger stores and many  possibilities for sport activities. The beach here is only few meter away, and near are also some other smaller bays