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    On Lefkada island you will find accomodation at: Lefkáda, Nikiána, Nydri, Vasilikí, Áyios Nikítas

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    Travel to Lefkas - Greece

    Beaches of Lefkada Greece Arrive Lefkas town

    The capital city of the island of Lefkas has about 7000 inhabitants. The town is situated about 18 km from the airport on the north side of island. The city of Lefkas - Lefkada is surrounded by shallow lagoons and the town once in history was the seat of the province of Venice.

    The main market is due to some modern cafés and many interesting shops a pretty vibrant metropolis with almost monde aura. The town is full of narrow streets where you can find many traditional Greek tavern. Lefkada Town has also a modern marina, as the island is like visiting a tourists from around the world.


    Egremni beach LefkadaTravel to Lefkada (Lefkas) Islands?

    Lefkas Island is famous for its many heroes of Greek mythology - according to mythology, the island was given by Odysseus father to Penelopes father as a wedding gift. Rocky mountain landscape with pine trees and olive and citrus in lowland, will be fascinated each traveler or visitor. The fourth largest Ionian island was originally connected to the Greek mainland. The island of Lefkada is today separated by a narrow canal from the mainland, through which leads a small drawbridge. Because of good road links the island can be also an ideal starting point to visit the mainland, Pelopennese and places like Meteora, Olympia or Delphi.

    Porto Katsiki - Lefkada GreeceOn the beaches of Lefkada

    The island of Lefkada is famous for its beaches, which include the impressive 117 kilometres. Most of beaches can boast with a laudatory beauty titles and won of Blue Flags for cleanliness of the sea. The places of island also visited the ship tycoon Onassis ( famous tourist destination - Nidra) . Aristotelis was at first sight in love to the nearby island of Scorpios. He was the island later bought.
    Lefkada is the perfect vacation destination for those who enjoy in watersports. Island of Lefkada is perfectly located to provide some of the best conditions for kite and wind surfing.