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    Travel to Kalamata Greece

    The prefecture of Messinia is located in the south west of Peloponesse region of Greece.Its capital is the town of Kalamata. The city of Kalamata has suffered from disastrous earthquakes in resent years.
    Kalamata city - Messinia Greece

    Messina Greece

    Fertile Messinia, showered in sparkling waters, with lush grazing pastures for the many sheep and cattle, with mild winters – no chilly winds – and summers that are not made excessively hot by the sun's chariot. (Euripides) It is a sun-blessed land. The sun rises from the breathtaking Taygetos mountain to shine on the past and present of this place. Summers here are longer than in the rest of Greece which gives the locals and visitors a longer time to enjoy its award-winning beaches.This is a land where antiquity and history are topped by its natural beauty. Wander around and admire the setting that reflects its glorious past.


    Methoni beach - Messinia Peloponnese GreeceVisit surrounding of Kalamata

    Kalamata, the capital of Messinia is a bustling harbor, its houses seeming to crawl uphill to the old castle that echoes the history of the city. Koroni, the neighboring town is quaint and charming. The taverns with the fresh fish, the little bars and cafes give the setting an island atmosphere. Beautiful Methoni, with its Venetian castle, is one of the most prosperous fish-towns. Its charming beaches and stunning view from the steep rocks of St. Nicholas make it expeciall attractive.

    Tucked in a cove, Finikounda is a picturesque fishing village that abounds with green and boasts a long sandy beach. Pylos is a beautiful town on Navarino Bay. Important sites include Niokastro and Palaiokastro (the New Castle and Old Castle), the Voidokilia cove – a breathtaking setting, and the rocky isle of Sfaktiria. The Chora is set atop a hill, near the Mycenaean palace of king Nestor, Kefalovryso, a hamplet of rare beauty, is in the vicinity.

    .Ancient Messene is set amphitheatrically at the foot of Ithomi mountain and is one of the most significant, in form and size, ancient cities. It stands amidst Mediterranean surroundings. The ruins of its wall with the two storey towers, the stadium, the theater, the voulefterion, the Asclepieion, and the temple of artemis are quite imposing. Mani is beautiful year-round. The road to Mani crosses ancient lands considered the cradle of European civilization. The river Neda is one of the many unknown attractions. Going down the river is a unique experience: hiking down the gorge, the change of landscape, the waterfalls, and the ancient site of Figaleia, compose a stunning setting. Taygetos, the mythical Peloponnesian mountain offers incredible vistas. Clean air up high, Streams, forests and breathtaking natural beauty, in close proximity to Kalamata. The temple of Epicurus Apollo was designed by the Parthenon sculptor Ictinus, in 420 BC. It is the only temple that is almost perfectly preserved, which represented for the first time the three architectural styles of antiquity: Ionic, Doric and Corinthian.

    View to the Pylos bay - Messinia Peloponnese GreeceThe Messenian Olive Oil

    Messinia, is an endless olive grove that produces the world-renowned Kalamata olive oil. Kalmata is truly the land of olive oil and olives. Varieties range from koroneiki (92%), mavrolia, matsolia, and the table kalamata olives (chondrolia). Olives are of shiny black color, oval shape, scrumptious texture and they ripe between the beginning of November to the end of December. Their excellent taste and top quality are a result of the special way they are cultivated and picked. They do not undergo any type of fermentation for their characteristic bitter flavor to be removed. Neither do they undergo artificial coloration – they have their natural color. After they have been carved at length three times, they simply are maintained in vinegar, salt and olive oil. The koroneiki variety owes its name to the town of Koroni that is set in the southern edge of the pfrefecture. It is a unique variety endowed by nature, which produces olive oil of bright green color and rich aroma, discrete flavor, and low acidity. The olive that is cultivated in the Messinia prefecture, has been recognized as product of Protected Name of Origin.