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    Kalamata holidays - travel to Kalamata Greece

    The city of Kalamata lies at the foot of mount Taygetos, between the mountain and the sea of the Messinian Gulf. The name "Kalamata" may have something with the greek "kalo mata" , meaning "good eye". A Byzantine church near the city is devoted to the Virgin of Kalomata.

    Beaches of Kalamata GreeceKalamata city

    Kalamata is built on the same spot that the ancient town of Farai was, mentioned in the Homeric poems. (by Wikipedia) . Kalamata is situated in the middle of the Messinian Bay and on the roots of the imposing Mountain Taygetos. Kalamata is the ideal base to discover the sights of Messinia.



    Kalamata old town district with its narrov streets - Greece  Kalamata olives - Greece  Kalamata streets - Greece  The town of Kalamata - Greece Cathetdral Ypapanti of  Kalamata Greece Picture of Kalamata  begining of 20th century - Greece Marina of  Kalamata Greece The Church of the Apostles - Kalamata Greece Where is Kalamata on Map Greece

    Superior quality of Kalamata olives

    The city of Kalamata itself has efficient street layout makingmoving from one part of the city to another a matter of minutes., several squares and parks, quite a lot of neoclassical buildings, a port and marina for yachts, a Venetian castle built by Geoffrey de Ville-hardouin with an amphitheter that hosts many cultural events, beautiful beaches and good weather. The old city lies underneath the castle with narrow streets and some old houses.
    Famous local products are silk scarves, ouzo and of course oil and olives of superior quality. These olives grow so fat and black they're almost purple -- and bursting with the rich flavors of the Mediterranean. Just add feta, fresh tomatoes and a glass of red wine and your mael is finished. Figs and currant of excelet quality are produced in abundance an exported to many countriesand the sesame - covered "pasteli" pastry is also made here.

    Old Kalamata - Greece Places to see on your holidays in Kalamata

    Contrary to many Greek cities, Kalamata does not date to classical times. It has beenunder various occupations, from the Francs and the Venetians, to the 300 year period of the Turkish occupation.

    The revolt for liberation first started in Kalamata on March 23 1821 and spread to the rest of the Peloponnesus. In 1825, Ibrahim Pasha destroyed the city, which was rebuilt and became one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean Sea.

    It is not surprising that the second oldest chamber of commerce in the Mediterranean, after that of Marseille, exists in Kalamata. The city was not particularly developed after World War II, not getting enough funds, but, surprisingly enough, after the strike of the earthquake in 1986 development was continuous, since the authorities and the government strained their financial resources to revive the city. Hence, Kalamata evolved to a modern capital of the district of Messinia, with good infrastructure and amenities.

    Kalamata town with Mount Taygetos in background - GreeceKalamata city of sports

    Kalamata is a paradise for atheletes, professionals or not, due to its good weather and athletic infrastructure. Couts and fields for tennis and basketball exist in several areas of the city, whilst thenatioanl stadium is open to everybody.

    During the summer water sports are at their peak, facilities for canoeing, sailing, water cycling and diving provide the necessary equipment to enjoy the sea.